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Bookbugworld’s March TBR | 2022

A quick look at all the books I plan to read in the month of March. It is quite a few in number but I hope it is power packed.

Bookbugworld’s March TBR | 2021

Those are the books that I wish to read this March. I know it is not a lot, but this mix and match of books is all I am planning to read at the moment. 

Bookbugworld’s August TBR | 2020

Dear Bookbugs,     Here I am with a bunch of books to read in August. My reading has spiked up a little by the end of July. So I am always hopeful that I...

Bookbugworld’s June TBR | 2020

  Dear Bookbugs,   June is the month of monsoon in my state. The trees start looking more green and the roads are all washed up clean everyday. There is the smell of wet soil,...