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Dear Bookbugs,





I am keeping a very short list of books in my TBR since I have encountered a low-key reading slump by the end of February. I say low-key because part of it happened because I was otherwise occupied with some personal issues as well. However, I am still trying to get back to my rhythm and finishing a few of the books from my February TBR. 


With that in mind, I am keeping quite a brief TBR for March.









1) Chloe After Dark by Elsa Joseph








I got to know about this book from the @booktasters  who kindly offered me the book in exchange for a review. This is a  sensual mystery thriller book where we follow the main character Chloe. Broke and just out of a relationship Chloe needs some financial stability or else things are not looking good for her. That is when her good friend Blaire suggests she host an erotic radio show on Fantasy FM. Chloe builds up a radio persona and finds that she could be more open to possibilities. However, what she gets in return is a lot more than what she had bargained for.I am willing to to give it a chance yet again and see what awaits Chloe.








2) Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon







Weather Girl is a romantic comedy that has been under my radar since the beginning of the year. I have heard good things about the book. However, I am not letting the hype get to me as I did with The Ex-Talk. We follow Aru Abrams who wants to become a TV meteorologist but her boss is too busy to mentor her as she is tangled up in her own personal life problems. Russell, the reserved sports reporter is the only one who comes forward to help Ari.

From there, your guess is as good as mine to know where this leads. I am hoping to get a feel-good romance with the whole behind the scenes of a newsroom.








3)The Girl of Dorcha Wood by Kristin Ward








I missed the chance to review this book in a blog tour as I was occupied otherwise. However, I have read several positive responses about the book. Also, I am familiar with the author’s other work. So here is me taking a chance in this YA fantasy. 


The Girl of Dorcha Wood is the first book in the Daughter of Erabel series. We follow the main character Fiadh in this story. She lives in these mysterious woods. The village folk believe that the forest is full of evil beasts that are connected to this cursed race of elves called Aos Sí, long ago. Fiadh finds peace in the woods which is her home and world. However, her peace and tranquillity are shattered when the outside world discovers her and who she is, something which Fiadh herself was unaware of.







4) Queentide by Donna Fisher






This is a book that I happened to stumble upon in NetGalley and happily so. Queentide is set in a dystopian near-future Australia. The events of the book take place in 2026 when women have lost all their rights and voices. But there is a rebel group led by Bodie and her granddaughter Insley. Together they plan a coup to overthrow the current government replacing it with an all-woman government led by the aboriginal politician Kathleen. However, they need to cross several obstacles such as an extremist men’s rights group who do not want to see women in power and the internal power struggles within the Queentide. 


The setting sounds promising and I am into dystopian books that carry a fragment of real-world like the Handmaid’s Tale. I am expecting to find a dystopian world that would strike a chord with real-life issues as well but, loaded with fictional elements and drama.




There it is. Those are all the books I plan to read in March. If you are planning to read any of these books or if you are already familiar with any of the works above, please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.





Happy Reading Everyone!!






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