Genre: Crime Thriller


Harrow Lake | By Kat Ellis

My thoughts         Harrow Lake is my first ever experience reading a paranormal book. Perhaps those who are experienced in this genre might feel differently but these are the views of...

You | By Caroline Kepnes 0

You | By Caroline Kepnes

  Normally I don’t mention trigger warnings but YOU need that.  TWs : Stalking, Murder, Violence, Drug use About the Author   Caroline Kepenes has worked as a pop culture journalist for Entertainment Weekly...

Sadie | By Courtney Summers 0

Sadie | By Courtney Summers

Sadie is the story of a ninteen year old girl from Cold Creek who went missing after her sister died. West McCray , a radio personality, follows her story in the form of a podcast series. What he unwillingly discovers about Sadie, her life and her journey in search of the unknown is the rest of the book. Also, we follow Sadie and her own version of the same journey.