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The Templar Sword | By Sam Clarke

The Templar Sword is the fun  Young Adult mysterious historical adventure trip for all those Robert Langdon fans out there.


The Hunting Wives | By May Cobb

 The Hunting Wives lures you into this viper’s nest with the lull of booze and laughter and the deep dark atmosphere of an East Texas forest.


Secrets of the Deep | By Marisa Noelle

Secrets of the Deep is an entertaining one time YA fantasy read for me. The world-building and all the mysterious elements of the deep ocean makes me want to continue the series.


The Wishing Game | By Meg Shaffer

The Wishing Game is a whimsical tale and a tribute to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is a nostalgic callback to all those kids, now adults, who waited for a letter from Hogwarts or a hidden Narnia in their wardrobe.


Drift | By Clare Littlemore

After following the Beck way of life with Quin, we reach unfamiliar territory in the third book, Drift. With it comes new challenges to overcome.


Ordeal by Innocence | By Agatha Christie

Ordeal by Innocence is an atmospheric riveting thriller read about the murder mystery at Sunny Point. If anyone asks me about a good classic Agatha Christie thriller, this one would be on my list.