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Bookbugworld’s August TBR | 2022

A list of all the books I am hoping to read in August. Tg to read other genres as I have been reading mostly romance stories this year.


Neon Gods | By Katee Robert

Neon Gods is a steamy and entertaining retelling of the classic Greek mythology. It is a quick one time read if you are in the mood for a hot and dark urban fantasy novel.


The Sunday Post | 24 July 2022

It is time for another Sunday Post. The Sunday Post is a book meme hosted by Kimberley @CaffeinatedReviewer. 


Final Girls | By Riley Sager

Final Girls, is a gripping hard hitting thriller that doesn’t shy away from the violence and trauma. A quick crime thriller filled with intrigue and suspense.


Persuasion | By Jane Austen

Persuasion is yet another gem written by Jane Austen. This is a love story of wounded hearts and second chances.


One Night Only | By Catherine Walsh

One Night Only has that classic romantic comedy vibe, yet it is relatable in a modern-day dating context. I wouldn’t mind reading it again.


The Sunday Post | 10 July 2022

This week’s Sunday post brings you all the updates about Bookbugworld both in terms of reading and otherwise.


Book Lovers | By Emily Henry

Book Lovers is a book for all the book lovers out there. It is a book for people who enjoy the inner workings of a book as well as a person.