Category: Mystery Thriller


The Hunting Wives | By May Cobb

 The Hunting Wives lures you into this viper’s nest with the lull of booze and laughter and the deep dark atmosphere of an East Texas forest.


Ordeal by Innocence | By Agatha Christie

Ordeal by Innocence is an atmospheric riveting thriller read about the murder mystery at Sunny Point. If anyone asks me about a good classic Agatha Christie thriller, this one would be on my list.

War of the Wind | By Victoria Williamson

War of the Wind is a novel that discusses some of the grim aspects of technology and touches on the topic of disability through the voice of a child. There is more heart to it when all this comes from a child’s perspective.

Good Bad Girl | By Alice Feeney

If you are in for a book with a mystery filled with morally grey characters and their lives rather than the thriller aspects, go for Good Bad Girl.

Bunny | By Mona Awad

Reading Bunny was one of the most entertaining experiences of the year. However, it ended up being a one time read for me.