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Snowed In | By Catherine Walsh

Snowed In is a warm, fuzzy, and cozy book like freshly baked cinnamon-dusted bread. Great way to start your holiday reading.

The Baker’s Man | By Jennifer Moorman

The Baker’s Man is a whimsical romantic comedy. If you are in the mood for a breezy romance with a backdrop of hunger-inducing baked goods, this is a fun pick.

Snap Out Of It | By Maddie Dawson

If you are in search of a book filled with hope, love and a little bit of magic, then Snap Out of It is just the right book for you.

Just For December | By Laura Jane Williams

Just for December is the perfect romance to pick up right before the holidays. It is picturesque and has an adorable love story and a little bit of self-growth and self-love.