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The Anti-Wedding Party
Andi hates weddings. So when her best friend Alex tells her she's getting married in Italy, and asks her to be her maid of honour, she knows she's the wrong woman for the job. But Alex won't take no for an answer, and so begins a week-long trip to a beautiful villa in Italy, full of potential disasters that it's Andi's job to avoid. But what if she's the one causing them? Enter Owen, fellow wedding-hater, Best Man and also the worst person for the job. Tall, sexy and warm, Andi can't help but feel the ice around her heart begin to melt when he's around. But as Andi and Owen grow closer, the disasters begin to multiply, try as they might to keep them at bay. Together, can they put their feelings aside and pull off a successful wedding for those they love most? (Goodreads)





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Narrative and Plot








Some books have titles that make sense with the overall theme or that one particular moment. The Anti-Wedding Party definitely stays true to its name. It’s a rom-com about a jaded maid of honor and best man who are reluctantly part of their respective best friend’s wedding.






Coming from a completely different culture and a country where if you are broke, you can never think of affording a visa for Europe no matter who is paying for the whole trip, I can totally see the main leads who shouldn’t have been dragged into this wedding party in the first place if they didn’t want to. I say this because a lot of the reviews for this book were about the unlikeable protagonist who couldn’t be nice to her generous friend. Maybe I am as cynical as Andi. If you are someone who feels disillusioned by the idea of romance but is still a closet hopeless romantic, this book is for you.











Characters and Conflicts











The Anti-Wedding Party is more about character arcs and finding yourself again than the plot. It is as much about friendship as it is about romance. Alex and Andi have a lifelong friendship. Whether it would stand the test of time and their separately evolving life is one of the many conflicts of the story.

Towards the second half, the book meanders a bit to set up the final conflict. However, the story takes its time to realistically resolve the same rather than bringing it all to a crescendo at some final event.






Also, Owen is like the ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel. The chemistry between the leads shone throughout like an Italian sunshine. The ensemble cast complements the leads just right. The picturesque location and exotic food only add to the charm. 































I enjoyed reading this unconventional love story of two cynics. It is meant for those people who have felt heartache in any form at some point. It reminded me of the Chris Evans – Michelle Monaghan movie Playing it Cool, where the leads hate the cliched rom-com tropes but end up starring in their own whirlwind rom-com. If you are looking for something like that in your next romance rather than the giddy HEA, give this one a try.







































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DISCLOSURE : I received an e-ARC of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.














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