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Book Lovers | By Emily Henry

Book Lovers is a book for all the book lovers out there. It is a book for people who enjoy the inner workings of a book as well as a person.


The Wedding Crasher | By Mia Sosa

The Wedding Crasher is a fun, contemporary rom-com with quite an engaging set of ensemble characters. If you loved the first book, give this a try.


The Sunday Post | 26 June 2022

It is time for my second Sunday Post. The Sunday Post is a recap of all the things that happened in your life – blog, book or otherwise. 


The Sunday Post | 19 June 2022

The Sunday Post is basically a recap of all the things that happened in your life – blog, book or otherwise. 19 June 2022.

Reading during the pandemic

This is not a step by step guide to read during the time of a pandemic. Because here is the thing, reading is a personal experience.

Bookbugworld’s April TBR | 2021

I hope it is not too late for a monthly TBR post since we are already in the second week of April. A simple list of my April TBR.

Bookbugworld’s August TBR | 2020

Dear Bookbugs,     Here I am with a bunch of books to read in August. My reading has spiked up a little by the end of July. So I am always hopeful that I...

Bookbugworld’s April Wrap Up | 2020

Dear Bookbugs,   In my April TBR post, I had planned a total of seven books to read. However, I could only complete five of them. Never mind, I am still planning to try seven...