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NetGalley e-ARC | Contemporary Romance

Lets Get Quizzical
Published: October 17th, 2023








Synopsis :




For fans of Lyssa Kay Adams and Jen DeLuca comes this fresh, funny take on second chances that proves love is anything but trivial.

For family-focused Charlotte, the chance to compete on her favorite trivia game show is a dream come true—the prize money could ensure the best care for her aging grandmother. But when she arrives on set, who does she see among the other contestants? Eli, her high school first love, at least until their shattering breakup. He has his own reasons for competing, not least of which is the stress of multiple jobs, college courses, and a father who has had multiple run-ins with the law.

When the casting department pairs them on a team, both Charlotte and Eli are determined to grit their teeth and make the best of it. That’s easier said than done, of course, and before long a national audience is breathlessly watching them bicker and air years-old grudges. Far from being angry, the program’s producers are ecstatic—the ratings are positively soaring.

As they compete together over several episodes of the show, Charlotte and Eli begin to suspect that old wounds might actually heal. Touring L.A. in their free time has given them the opportunity to get to know each other again—and reawakened feelings that are hard to resist. Until the show’s producers throw a wrench in their hopeful plans that will compromise everything Charlotte and Eli have worked so hard for.









My thoughts







Narrative and Plot







Let’s Get Quizzical is a second-chance contemporary romance that takes place in the world of brainy game shows, as the name suggests. My personal experience with game shows is limited to a relative once participating in the regional version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.



The story is told from both Eli’s and Charlotte’s perspectives. They both could use some financial assistance, which comes in the form of a game show. But they do have a bitter history that they need to conquer in order to get to their goals. The plot sounds interesting, but it doesn’t exactly deliver on the promise.


There could be so much excitement around the game show and the drama of it all. Of course, there is drama, but it didn’t hit the mark for me. The pacing wavered in the middle and by the time it got back on track, it was too little, too late. Remember the tension in the English movie Slumdog Millionaire? It set out to get that kind of tension, but never really got there. Part of it goes to the plot, which focuses on the game show and then the outside. Somehow, the gap in the filming and the structure of the game show took away the tension that we were supposed to feel.








Characters and Conflicts













Eli and Charlotte had great chemistry right from the start. It kept the story going forward. However, towards the end, the story focuses mostly on Eli. He was the active character, while Charlotte remained passive.

The conflict pretty much centered around Eli, too. Of course, Charlotte was part of it but felt more like a passive character.

The ensemble cast was entertaining whenever they were involved. And the ending had the flair and drama of a second-chance romance.



















Overall, Let’s Get Quizzical is a one-time fun read for me. If you are into trivia and fun facts with the backdrop of romance, give this one a try.











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