Category: Book Reviews


Twelve Days of Christmas | By Debbie Macomber

Twelve Days of Christmas is a sweet rom-com with a heartfelt message. You can be kind to people who aren’t kind to you. And it will not just affect the other person but change you too for good.


You’ll be the Death of Me | By Karen M McManus

You’ll be the Death of Me is a cosy YA mystery thriller that you can curl up with and finish in a weekend. It is packed with twists and turns and dark secrets that you can devour like Sugar Babies.     


Ruthless Gods | By Emily A Duncan

Ruthless Gods propels the story forward. The chaotic kingdoms are rattled even more by the end. There is a lot left which gets your attention for the third book.


The Promise of Summer | By Bella Osborne

The Promise of Summer is quite an enjoyable romantic tale. If you’re looking for a feel good summer beachy book, just to go back in time for the summery warmth, this is the one you want to pick. 


The Enchanted | By J C Brennan

The Enchanted got me hooked with a very appealing beginning and the whole folklore kind of story telling.