Category: Book Reviews


Scareground | By Angela Kecojevic

Scareground with its sinister and haunted theme, it had my interest from page one. I would love to continue reading more about Nancy and her adventures.


Good Bad Girl | By Alice Feeney

If you are in for a book with a mystery filled with morally grey characters and their lives rather than the thriller aspects, go for Good Bad Girl.


Secretly Yours | By Tessa Bailey

Secretly Yours is a fun romantic comedy that you can read just for the fun of it. A small-town romance between two opposites with a bit of wine tasting sounds like a promising setup.


The Seven Year Slip | By Ashley Poston

If you seek to revel in the beauty of passion and adventure, as well as a captivating love story, then The Seven Year Slip is perfect for you.


Bunny | By Mona Awad

Reading Bunny was one of the most entertaining experiences of the year. However, it ended up being a one time read for me.