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The Meeting Point
Published: September 2nd, 2021
What if the Lift driver who finds your cheating boyfriend's phone holds the directions to true love? 'Who are you and why do you have my boyfriend's phone?' 'He left it in my car. You must be the blonde in the red dress? I'm the Lift driver who dropped you two off earlier.' And with these words, the life of the brunette and t-shirt wearing Maya Maas is turned upside down. Having planned to surprise her boyfriend, she finds herself single and stranded in an unknown city on her birthday. So when the mystery driver rescues Maya with the suggestion that she cheers herself up at a nearby beach town, she jumps at the chance to get things back on track. She wasn't expecting a personalised itinerary or the easy companionship that comes from opening up to a stranger via text, let alone the possibility it might grow into something more..   (Goodreads)





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Narrative and Plot





The Meeting Point is a cool summer breeze that takes you along the ride. For me, I came back to this book after taking a break from reading in general. That might be a factor, but the story had just the right pace. I know, some people don’t enjoy the carefully constructed conflict of ‘people not revealing the secrets’. However, it is part of the story here and you can forgive the characters for the not so realistic choices they make.

The plot is your, “will they get together or not” love story. But it is endearing and adorable to say the least.





Characters and Conflicts







Even if the situation and the location seems quite dreamy, the characters are fundamentally relatable. Their fears, regrets and dreams make them believable. Both Maya and her mysterious man go on a journey of their own in terms of opening up their hearts and taking chances in life.

The conflict is bittersweet. On one hand, you want the love story to kick start and on the other hand you don’t want the beautiful journey to end. However, towards the end it felt a little bit stretched. It didn’t drag the plot, but at some point, as a reader you would go, just say what’s on your mind!










The Meeting Point is a perfect summer beach read. Just throw caution to the wind and give in to that suspension of disbelief theory. You will have a fairy tale love story at your hands.





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I received an e-copy of the book from NetGalley in association with TheWriteReads UltimateBlogTour in exchange for an honest review.







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    Amazing review, Rejitha!