Category: Book Discussions


Secrets of the Deep | By Marisa Noelle

Secrets of the Deep is an entertaining one time YA fantasy read for me. The world-building and all the mysterious elements of the deep ocean makes me want to continue the series.


The Wishing Game | By Meg Shaffer

The Wishing Game is a whimsical tale and a tribute to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is a nostalgic callback to all those kids, now adults, who waited for a letter from Hogwarts or a hidden Narnia in their wardrobe.


Drift | By Clare Littlemore

After following the Beck way of life with Quin, we reach unfamiliar territory in the third book, Drift. With it comes new challenges to overcome.


Ordeal by Innocence | By Agatha Christie

Ordeal by Innocence is an atmospheric riveting thriller read about the murder mystery at Sunny Point. If anyone asks me about a good classic Agatha Christie thriller, this one would be on my list.


Funny Story | By Emily Henry

Funny Story is yet another Emily Henry romance thatΒ  is made up of two vastly different yet vibrant and flawed central characters.


The Irish Goodbye | By Amy Ewing

The Irish Goodbye is all about how two broken hearts mend each other and find love. If you are looking for a novel that talks about healing and moving on with a bit of an Irish charm and romance, this is your pick.


Same Time Next Year | By Tessa Bailey

Same Time Next Year had an interesting yet familiar premise. It’s a fake dating, marriage of convenience trope and the story starts from page one.


Guns and Almond Milk | By Mustafa Marwan

Guns and Almond Milk as the name suggests is the story of the brutality of proxy war in Yemen through the eyes of a conflict zone doctor from London, Luke Archer.