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Today, I am doing The Official Spooky Season Boo(k) Tag . This is a tricky one since I don’t read horror. But I want to know if I am up to the challenge.



First of all, thank you @theartsyreader, Noly my lovely fellow book blogger for tagging me in this seasonal tag. Noly is the creator of The Official Spooky Season Boo(k) Tag. And these the rules you need to follow for the booktag :



  • Tag the original creator (The Artsy Reader).
  • Use the official banner.
  • Answer the prompts and questions.
  • Tag 5 people.
  • Have fun and get spooky!!!





Now, let the questions begin!!




Question 1: You hear a strange noise in the night – the monsters got inside! Which book character would you choose to protect you from harm?







Arya Stark for obvious reasons. She is, as you know, swift as the wind and quiet like a cat. And witty too. I would sleep knowing I am safe in a spooky environment if she is around.







Question 2: You go on vacation and your hotel is located right next to a cemetery. Which book character do you really hope is not hiding in the shadows?







If I am staying at a hotel near the cemetery, even my own shadow would spook me. But, one particular character I would not want lurking nearby is the Immortal Kosamaras from the House of Salt and Sorrows. She is known as the Harbinger of Madness and Nightmares. That’s the last thing I want on a vacation.







Question 3: It’s a particularly cold night and you decide to stay inside. Which three book characters would you like to spend a trivia quiz and board game night with?







This is a good one. There are a lot of characters whose brains I wish to pick. But, I also want to have some fun. Which is why, the first on my list is Jesper Fahey from Six of Crows. The man might be a marksman, but he knows how to be fun. If we are stuck inside playing board games, he would make things lively.


My second pick would be Charlotte from Let’s Get Quizzical. I finished this book recently and I would love to have someone like that on my team who is all caught up with the trivia world. And last but not the least, I would have Jameson Hawthorne from the Inheritance Games, who is solely interested in the trivia aspect of things, I hope.

What an interesting night that must be!








Question 4: Time for a big adventure! The scary book you pick transports you into its world. Where do you end up?




It is no secret that I am a scaredy-cat, my pick is Scareground. It is a spooky middle-grade series with vibrant characters who join forces to conquer their fears and fight for good. I wouldn’t mind enjoying a spooky fair where there are heroes to save the day.






Question 5: No Halloween without Trick or Treat-ing! Which book character do you think has the sweetest tooth?




For this one, my pick is Frances from Maria Kuzniar’s The Ship of Shadows. In this middle-grade novel,  there is an all-female pirate ship and Frances is a member of the crew. You can see my review where I go on and on about Frances and her love for cake. That brings me to the point. She has the sweetest tooth.





Question 6: The fairies are angry and want a sacrifice from your bookshelf. Which scary book has to go and why?





Bunny by Mona Awad. This was a much-hyped book that I started reading with high hopes. But somehow, I didn’t connect with the premise or the characters of the book. I wouldn’t mind seeing it go. However, the question remains, if it is a scary book or not?







Question 7: You decide you feel more autumnal rather than halloween-y today. Which book setting would you choose for a more cosy and less scary vibe?




More cozy and less scary is my constant vibe. Naturally, I have plenty to choose from for this one. I prefer The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman since it is atmospheric, and spooky enough, but not scary. It has the mysterious small-town vibe going on and a parallel dimension too, in case you are a Stranger Things fan.







Question 8: The witch is cooking up a spell in her cauldron and you have to add one magic ingredient. Which item from a book are you adding to the mixture?




I read The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches last week and in that book, the main character Mika is a witch. So she stays up during the meteorite shower night and, using magic, collects some stardust so that she could use it in her potions. Before you say anything, I have a degree in Physics. I know that’s not how it works, but with a little stardust magic, we can make a miracle potion. I think that would be wonderful.






Question 9: You get to decide which bookish place to visit for Halloween. Which book setting is the scariest – and gets crossed off the list?







When I read Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis, I mentioned in my review that it is like an inverted version of Stars Hollow. While I would love to visit Stars Hollow, I would steer clear of Harrow Lake. It is just a spooky town devoid of any kind of positivity which works for the book, but does not make a good contender for a visit.







Question 10: The big day is finally here: it’s Halloween! Which book character do you dress up as, and what would be part of your outfit?







Where I come from there is no Halloween or dressing up for the occasion. But, if I had to I know I won’t go all out. I would choose something within the realm of reason, but I would like to keep up with the theme. That’s why my pick would be Sadie from Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl. Sadie is a hilarious ghost who is the protagonist’s aunt. She appears in her life as a flapper girl from the 1920s. She keeps looking for a dragonfly necklace. So I would be dressed up in some vintage 1920s kind of dress wearing a dragonfly necklace and an over-the-top hat!




So there we go. Those are all my answers for The Official Spooky Season Boo(k) Tag. I am glad that I didn’t skip any answers. Let me know what you think of my answers.






Happy Reading Everyone!!




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  1. mehsi says:

    Ohh, thank you for tagging me! 😍 I have been seeing this tag on the blogoverse and been thinking of doing it, still have some room next week on my blog, and now I definitely will do it~ Loved reading your answers and what books/characters you picked!

  2. booksare42 says:

    I love your answers! Especially Frances from Ship of Shadows!

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