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With Diwali rocking everywhere, I was planning to create a Diwali Booktag myself. But then I found this budding newbie booktuber and she did a sweet Diwali booktag. Basically there are five prompts that immediately comes to mind, when we think of Diwali in general. I enjoyed the concept and decided to follow the same tag.



So, the original Diwali booktag is created by Nimrat from Books and other miscellaneous things

Here we go,





  1. Mythology – Talk about a book that has mythology






Since this is Diwali, I will go with the Ramchandra series by Amish, which I am yet to finish. I have all the three books with me, but I have read only the first book. And that too, before I  even started the blog. So, this is the Ramayan inspired mythology series that humanizes them.



2) Diyas – Talk about a book that melted your heart and had you smiling all the time







Diwali is basically a celebration of the victory of good over evil. To symbolize the victory of light over darkness, people generally light up their houses with diyas on Diwali. So, this prompt is to pick a book that made your heart melt and brought a smile to your face.



For me, the book that warmed my heart recently would be 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons 



This is a YA romance. We follow a poetry blogger who lost her sight temporarily in an accident. Then she meets this guy Weston who lifts her spirits during the hardest time of her life. It is just such an inspiring and positive story that had me all emotional. You can read my review from the link above.


3) Rangoli – a book that has diverse characters







Being an Indian, most of the American or English books I read are diverse to me. But a book that immediately comes to mind which I loved recently was, Take a Hint Dani Brown, by Talia Hibbert  




I picked this because it wasn’t diverse just for the sake of it. It wasn’t in your face flaunting the diversity which I feel happens unintentionally sometimes. Danika and Zafir are just strong characters and I really had a great time with the book.




4) Lakshman – A book that talks about sibling love



Inspired by the mythology, this prompt is about celebrating the unconditional love between the brothers Ram and Lakshman since they stood together during all hardships.

In 2020, I read this netgalley e-Arc of The Essence of Perfection by Nita Brooks which surprisingly takes a deeper outlook on sibling relationships. And it is not exactly a happy go lucky relationship. It was grey but adorable.






5) Crackers – A book that left you wondering what just happened in the end?




There are a few books that had me confused by the end. But the one that blew me away completely was Red Birds by Mohammed Hanif. It was a lot of symbolism and I just had to complete the whole chapter and then let it sink. Red Birds is a satire that exposes the futile nature of war.




That’s all with the prompts. If you are reading this post and want to get into the spirit of Diwali, consider yourself tagged and carry this forward.


Happy Diwali everyone!!



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  1. Stephen says:

    Lovely tag, Rejitha. 100 Days of Sunlight sounds like a very uplifting read. Have a great Diwali! 😊