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Dear Bookbugs,







I am back with another Sunday post. This is my first Sunday post of the year. If you don’t know already, the Sunday Post is a book meme hosted by Kimberley @CaffeinatedReviewer. It is a roundup of all things bookish or otherwise that you wish to share with your fellow readers.











It has been a while since I have done one of these. The most honest reason why I haven’t is because I am too exhausted by the time the weekend comes. But I am trying to stay productive despite the heat and fatigue. It’s only March, and the heat is scorching over here. Now, we can only wait for the summer rains. The only positive thing about my inability to function is that I try to read more. 



Anyway, here is me giving you a quick update on the previous week and things to look forward to in the coming week: 





Previous Week Book Reviews

















Upcoming Book Reviews














Review of the Week









In case you are unfamiliar with this section, this is where I feature a review that has caught my eye in the recent week. 




Usually I feature fairly positive reviews, but today we have a 2 star review. So if you’re a fan of this book, I suggest that you skip this part. However, if you are discovering this book just now much like me, go and read the review by Stephen Writes for The Wolf and the Woodsman by Ava Reid  . Even though the star rating might seem harsh, Stephen is quite honest yet respectful about why he disliked the book rather than merely stating that it is “boring” or “unbearable”. He even mentions quite a few positives about the book especially about its inspiration from the Hungarian folklore. 










Series of the Week










Well, I couldn’t resist starting this series, from the makers of GoT, today. So far I am three episodes in and it has my attention. 









Currently Reading















With that, we have reached the end of another Sunday Post. Hope you enjoyed this week’s updates. Let me know your thoughts about my choices in the comments section.







Happy Reading Everyone!!













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