Bookbugworld’s July TBR | 2021

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July is here. Where did half of the year go? And I just don’t understand why people are not that mad at 2021. Because everyone gave such a hard time to 2020. Maybe I understand after all, because I am the second child. That was random. Anyway, my working hours are already going back to normal. So I am keeping my TBR short, keeping in mind the round 2 of BBNYA.







Here we go,





1)You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry









Last year I read Beach Read by Emily Henry. It was a heavily emotional read. So I am preparing myself for a similar read. We follow Poppy and Alex who became friends a decade back. They meet on vacation every year until two years back when everything goes wrong. So this summer, Poppy asks Alex to spend one last summer.
I am excited about this premise. Hopefully it is as good as the hype.







2) Geraldine Verne’s Red Suitcase by Jane Riley











I found the e-Arc for this book on NetGalley. And it just looked like a heartwarming read. After her husband, Jack, died Geraldine didn’t leave her house for three months. But then an accident forces her to ask for help. Soon, things start to change for Geri. She meets a volunteer Lottie who has her own baggage. And there develops a beautiful friendship.
I love stories about female friendship. That’s how this one got under my radar. Hopefully this turns out to be one of those good discoveries.







3) The Enchanted by J C Brennan










Rebecca Gentry grew up with these fantasy stories from her grandmother. When her grandmother dies, she leaves her a fortune and a castle in Scotland. When Becca visits the castle, she realizes that her grandmother’s stories were not just stories.
I received this YA fantasy from the Booktasters. The cover gives me paranormal vibes but I am hoping it is not.









4)Blessed Monsters by Emily A Duncan









I read Ruthless Gods last month. It was a dark fantasy and ended on a cliff hanger. Of course I read the first few parts of the next book Blessed Monsters out of sheer curiosity. Nadya, Serefin and Malchiaz are on crossroads and it would take another dark and gory adventure for them to undo whatever it is they have started.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the series but I am too deeply involved at this point. So one more book to go in the series.






5)Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid








Do I need to say anything more about this book? It was hyped before it ever released and even after with the rave reviews. Set in the 1980’s , the book follows the Riva family and one single night of summer party where choices will be made by the Riva siblings, who are some kind of fascinating personalities in Malibu, that will decide their fate.

That sounds like epic drama and I am all in for it.




So, there we go. Those are all the books I wish to read this month. If you’re familiar with any of these books, let me know your thoughts in the comments.





Happy Reading everyone!!!







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