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Narrative and Plot




Shadow and Bone has been a much hyped book ever since its release and with the Netflix series coming up, I found it hard to resist despite my apprehensions. And guess what, it is worth all the excitement.


The narrator is the main character Alina Starkov and we see the Grishaverse through her eyes.  There is wonder, fear and excitement which ebbs easily into the reader making you anticipate to know more.


The plot is your typical “chosen one” trope but somehow it is told in a compelling way that keeps the tale interesting. I wasn’t a great fan of the love story but it gives some dimensions to the plot. So that’s good.




Characters and Conflicts



The mysterious and intriguing characters all around is what primarily makes the book an entertainer. The Darkling and the royal politics keeps you on the edge. It is all a mind game and who wins in the end remains to be seen yet.

However, Alina’s conflicts and her indecision in accepting who she is  can be taken out of this story’s context and you could still relate to it. Perhaps that makes her a reliable narrator to whom the readers can connect with. A flawed individual who wants to do good.

There is power and danger when you choose to be extraordinary. And often people tend to lose who they are in the glamour of it all. On that regard, Mal is one factor that keeps Alina grounded. I loved that aspect of their relationship. We all need that one friend who keeps us grounded.










Destruction and darkness might look formidable and undefeatable. But it can never overpower the strength that comes from kindness and life. It is this basic human idea that elevates the story to a different level. I read it in the span of two days despite having a full time job. So , hell yes, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good  YA fantasy.  















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