Bookbugworld’s March 2020 Wrap Up

Dear Bookbugs,



March had been a mixed month for reading. There was a lot of time for me, but at first it took some adjustment to get into the mindset. Which is why, I didn’t stick exactly to my monthly TBR and just went for the books I fancied reading now and then. 


Here’s a list of books that I read in March. Hope you enjoy them!


1) The Wives By Tarryn Fisher



I was trying to focus more on thrillers in March. Which is why I started with The Wives by Tarryn Fisher. The review of the book is already up in my blog. I rated it a 3/5. The book is about a woman named Thursday who leads a polygamous life. But there are certain rules in her married life. She does not know who the other wives are. And her husband visits her only once a week. Guess what day ? Thursday! The story begins when Thursday sets out to find the other wives. 




2) Venators – Magic Unleashed by Devri Wells



I read this book for the #UltimateBlogTour hosted by #TheWriteReads. This is a YA urban fantasy. It is basically about this young people – Rune and Grey. They’are just normal teenagers going to school and one day suddenly their lives change when they are pulled into this mythical parallel world. This is the first book of the Venators series. Basically, the book sets up the stage for the upcoming events and plots. I rated it a 4/5. You can find my review here.




3) An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkenen



An Anonymous Girl is a psychological thriller. A psychologist calls for a social experiment and a young woman named Jess signs up for the same. But soon she gets involved deeper and deeper until she cannot tell the difference between real life and the experiment. The book is a gripping thriller. I have seen mixed opinions about this book but I enjoyed it and rated it a 4/5. I can see why people dislike it. The book dangerously explores the cat and mouse chase of a psychologist and her subject. If mental health is something very close to you, then it can be a trigger warning. Apart from that this felt like a twisted thriller experience. The detailed review for this one will be coming up soon.




4) A Game of Chess by John Simes



This book was supposed to be read by the end of February. Unfortunately, it got delayed. However, I was committed to finish this by March and finally have the review posted. This is the second book in The Dream Factory series. I enjoyed the first book a lot. The second however didn’t exactly live up to expectation. However, the book was entertaining and had its interesting moments and ideas. I rated it a 3/5. Overall, the series is an interesting YA sci-fi fantasy story. It’s about this advanced technology and the whole good vs evil chase after it.




5) The Woman in the Blue Cloak by Deon Meyer



This is another book in my thriller reads list. The Woman in the Blue Cloak had been in my TBR for months. It’s a NetGalley e-ARC that I received. This is a murder mystery series like Sherlock Holmes based on South Africa. I had very high expectations for this book. There was murder, conspiracy and art involved. Unfortunately, the plot had nothing more than what we get in the synopsis. A review of the book (2/5) is already up in my blog. However, if you’re a long time follower of this murder mystery series, you might feel differently. This is my first Benny Griesel murder mystery and my review is based on just this one book.


6) Followers by Megan Angelo


This is a futuristic dystopian book which takes a deep look into the virtual world that has made its way in our daily lives. It mainly takes the concept of influencers to a different level almost in a Black Mirror-ish way. More than that, the book set in two different time periods – one present and the other in future- explores the relationships and dynamics of people who live in the information era. Definitely an entertaining and intriguing read. Review will be coming soon.


7) The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa



March was mainly a month of thrillers for me. But with all the bleak things going around I turned my attention to a light-hearted rom-com. The result is The Worst Best Man. It is about a woman named Carolina who is a second generation immigrant and a wedding planner. How she struggles to live up to her roots and finds happiness is the main theme of the book. It was fluffy and yet had a kind of depth at the same time. Overall, this is a heart warming fun romantic read.



Those are all the books I’ve read in March. Have you read any of them?

If so what do you think about them? Let me know in the comments.

Happy reading!! 🙂



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  1. booksare42 says:

    It looks like you had a great reading month! The Worst Best Man is on my TBR