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Blue Shadow Prophecy
Published: January 28th, 2021
It started with a prophecy, a kidnapping, and a curse. Then it got worse! Joining the Resistance to fulfill the prophecy — dismantle the Council and free the chimera, Rae’s life went from ordinary to exciting overnight. It didn’t last long. Kidnapped by a witch with her own agenda, Rae uncovers a web of lies woven to conceal the true extent of her magic. To survive she must concede to her captor’s terms but there is a silver lining — Michael, her vampire guardian is also held captive with a curse. Rae sets out to break the curse to sway the vampire’s allegiance. But nothing ever goes according to plan.     Goodreads      





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Narrative and Plot 







Blue Shadow Prophecy is the second book in the Chimera trilogy. We follow the story from end of the first book. Once again the book is mainly told from Rae’s perspective and it gets deeper into the plot as she uncovers new secrets and agendas.





The story is fast paced and adventure oriented. There’s less action and intrigue than what I would have liked. But, the book does make up for it with amazing world building. Being an urban fantasy, it creates this atmospheric feeling of a shadow supernatural world that exists alongside the normal world.









Characters and Conflicts 










When I read the first book, my main issue was Rae repeatedly being a damsel in distress. Now that I read more, her progress is quite evident. From a clueless girl to a strategic huntress in the making, Rae is exploring and learning about herself. As much as I didn’t want her to take a detour from the mission, I enjoyed that aspect of the story. 






The conflict was quite a rollercoaster. You never know what to expect because things take a turn quickly every now and then. The ending was unexpected even though I should have seen it coming. But it took me by surprise and I am all the more happy for it. 
















Blue Shadow Prophecy is yet another pit stop for Rae to know who she is and explore her options as she prepares herself for the final takedown. Now, I can’t wait for the final book to come out to see the culmination of this trilogy. 








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