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The Crowns of Croswald
Ivy Lovely is 16 and she has no idea who she is—or what her powers could be. When she crosses a magical boundary, she discovers a whole new world of enchantment and mystery. Making friends that will last a lifetime—and save her life—she steps into her own abilities and discovers more about her hidden past, magical blood, and the power of Croswald’s mystical stones. But all is not well: a dark history and an evil Queen threatens all that is good. Will Ivy’s bravery and wit be enough?






My thoughts





Narrative and Plot




I have only recently started reading middle grade fantasies and let me take this moment to let you all know what an absolute delight it has been so far. The overall theme in these novels is the sense of wonder and The Crowns of Croswald was no different. The wild and creative magical worlds with endless possibilities and adventure is what I am looking forward to reading in a middle grade fantasy. This one exactly had that tone with elaborate world building and mystery.

The plot was the one low point in the whole scheme of things though. It was supposed to be woven into this tangled tale of mystery. However, things seemed a little bit muddled here and there. The ending is predictable to the point that I hoped it would be some kind of red herring. However, it does not take away the entertainment value of the book. It is still quite enjoyable. These are really minute details if one wants to be nitpicky.






Characters and Conflicts






Ivy Lovely is an inquisitive child as children should be. She has never shied away from an adventure and that makes her a character you can route for. However, actions do have consequences. Often Ivy seemed to act despite being warned about the consequences. One would think she would be careful knowing the risks but she isn’t. And then she comes out unscathed on the other side for the most part. She seemed to never learn from her impulsive decisions and somehow managed to get everything back in order despite a few delicate consequences.


The conflict in the story was well masked in the beginning. The ending however, was predictable enough as mentioned earlier. The ensemble of cast was delightful to read. Rebecca and Fyn in particular. Their friendship had the innocence and tenderness of the age. However, some characters randomly disappeared and never came back. Hopefully we get to see them in the next book.










Overall , The Crowns of Croswald was a jolly one time read for me. If middle grade fantasies are your thing, give it a go. You might end up adding the sequels to your reading list, after all , like me.










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Disclosure :  1) I received an e-ARC of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.







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