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Kings and Daemons | By Marcus Lee

Kings and Daemons is an action and adventure filled fantasy read that would pull you in once you spend enough time with the characters.

Book Review | Herai | By Aaron D Key

Herai is an intriguing thriller that explores the philosophy of life in general. Go for it, if you’re interested in reading something unconventional.  

Book Review | The Deck Of Omens | By Christine Lynn Herman

The Deck of Omens lived up to the expectations of anyone who read and actually enjoyed the twisted tale of Four Paths in The Devouring Gray. Although, the words like “quarantine” and “airborne” were too real to be honest.


Catalyst | By Tracy Richardson

    My thoughts     Narrative and Plot       Catalyst advocates the need to care for our planet with a strong plot. The message it delivers is vital and the approach is...


The Wrongful Death | By Kenneth B Anderson

My thoughts Narrative and Plot   The Great Philip Engel is back to Hell once again. And this time he wants to find his lost friend Sam. With each book, I am loving this series...