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Much Ado About a Latte
She’s loved him for years, but now he’s her biggest competition. Is this town big enough for two coffee shops? The Sunshine Diner has been Tanner Castillo’s home away from home for years, and his place behind the counter is a fixture in the small town of Maple Falls. After years of working there and saving every penny, he is able to purchase the diner and make the necessary renovations to bring it into the 21st century. Growing up poor, Tanner's always felt like he’s needed something to his name before he could ask out Anita Bedford. Due to some savvy business investments, Anita’s parents have been able to provide her and her siblings with everything they’ve ever needed or wanted. But Anita doesn’t have the same ambitions as her doctor brother and lawyer sister. She’s always been happy to work as a waitress at the diner, especially since it kept her close to Tanner, whom she’s been crushing on since middle school. When her father decides to open a coffee shop and bakery, he puts Anita in charge, making her the direct competition to Tanner’s Sunshine Diner. After working side-by-side for years, can working against each other finally be the thing that brings these two lovebirds together? (Goodreads)





My thoughts  






Narrative and Plot  







Much Ado About a Latte is a story that stays true to its title, to say the least. I haven’t read the first book but the narrative easily pulled me into this world of Maple Falls. Clearly, there are returning characters from the previous books, but it doesn’t make you feel amiss.

The overall tone of the story is a sweet and innocent romance which is quite adorable. The narrative quite well takes that series of misunderstandings coming through creating much ado about nothing after all. However in this case it is not nothing but a cafe.  







Characters and Conflicts  









Anita and Tanner are the main characters in this contemporary romance. Anita is a simple and sweet woman who is kind at heart. She has her own insecurities and has her own goals that she needs to overcome. Tanner is an ambitious chef who wants to fulfil his dreams. However, when it comes to expressing their feelings both of them have been holding back a lot.

The confusion that arises due to them holding is the central conflict of the book. Misunderstandings are common in life, however, when both the protagonists struggle to communicate sometimes the things that come out seem too harsh. The only thing that I felt was there wasn’t a conscious effort from either of them to make up for the hurt they’ve caused each other. Things kind of resolved in the end but it would have been quite satisfying if there had been a gesture of faith, not created by their situation. 









Overall, this is a simple and adorable romance in a quaint small town that gives you a pleasant vibe like Stars Hollow ( from Gilmore Girls).  It can be a comfort read for you when things get hectic in life. 







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I received an e-ARC of the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

















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