Venators Promises Forged | By Devri Walls

Venators Promises Forged | By Devri Walls

Venators Promisew Forged
It has been mere days in the world of Eon, where Rune Jenkins, her twin brother Ryker, and their friend Grey have been trapped, fighting for their lives. After discovering the truth of their ancestry, the three are far from home, and far from anything resembling their mundane lives of the past. While Ryker is still held captive by the eerily beautiful Zio and her goblins, Grey falls into the clutches of Feena, the Fae queen. She begins to drain his soul bit by bit to feed her dark underground garden, and Grey has no hope of escaping on his own. It is now up to Rune to save Grey, as his precious time slips away inexorably. But the Council has denied her permission to embark on a rescue mission, until she can harness her Venator gifts and prove herself capable of venturing into the Fae queen’s territory. As Rune discovers that promises in Eon are forged with life-or-death consequences, she realizes that she must act quickly, or else be swallowed – and Grey along with her – by the dangers of Eon.   (Goodreads)





My thoughts


Narrative and Plot



Venators Promises Forged picks up right from where we left at the first book. It took me the first 30-40 pages to come to terms with the events of the previous book and to remember whose loyalty stood with whom. I am not sure if it is just me or the narrative just started abruptly assuming the reader was on board.

The plot as usual is stronger. The stage for the story was set up in the first book itself. Most importantly, now the story is dwelling deep into each character exploring their mutual dynamics and inner conflicts. You learn more about the motivation for each character and what their actions mean. Even though everything is not revealed yet, there is enough to hook you up with thrilling adventure and action.





Characters and Conflicts




Rune and Grey are continuing their struggle to cope up with the magical realm and it’s conflicts while dealing with their own problems. Their lack of knowledge about the ways of the council and the different species make them relatable  as humans or simply just two teenagers. Promises Forged definitely had a stronger antagonist in the form of Feena.  With each battle, Rune and Grey are shaping up into the Venators that they are meant to be.

While Rune and Grey are adapting in the new world, the one thing I am having a hard time to understand is why are they keeping secrets from each other? Rune and Grey are the only humans in that side of the Eon. They grew up together. And yet somehow Rune is more comfortable with Beltran than Grey. While he is more open to Tashara.   It just goes against the natural human instinct to stick together for survival despite what they keep saying to each other. Not that it takes away anything from the story.

Beltran’s presence just makes the story more alive but a human mind cannot help but wonder at the choices the characters make. However, in the bigger picture things are starting to make much sense than the previous book. And you have a few hints as to what to expect in the next book.








Overall, even though I struggled initially with the pace, once caught up, this was another adventure trip into the magical land of faes, vampires,succubus and venchees. Venators Promises Forged is yet another thrilling addition to the series that makes you want to know more.  





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