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Dear Bookbug,






Ever since my blog was made I wanted to talk and write about books. But when I look back, I realize that most of my posts have been book reviews. So here I am making an attempt to do some good old book talk. This is not a step by step guide to read during the time of a pandemic. Because here is the thing, reading is a personal experience. It is subjective and immersive in different ways for different people.


I am sharing my experience and I invite you to share your own reading experiences ever since the new normal. It doesn’t even have to be a comment under this post. I invite you to share your reading life by making your own posts. Be it a blog,  a facebook post, an insta story or a booktube video, if you are reading this consider yourself tagged.


Numbers don’t lie and if you visit my my Goodreads page, you can see that my reading numbers have spiked ever since 2020. It’s not like I was a social butterfly before. I’ve always been a home body but yes, working in the public sector meant my work hours were reduced. As a result, I got to spend more time at home. I wanted routine because I am a person who thrived on routine.


So, tired of watching the news and browsing social media about “shocking” virus facts, I returned to my one true love – reading. I am hopping from one book to another. Mornings are for bright and light contemporary books, afternoons for fantasy and the nights for thriller. Of course, the weather played a huge part in what I read. Truth is reading has been my safe haven since last March.  It might not be a lot compared to someone else. But to me, I know in my heart that I am reading more and I just love the feeling. I go through paperbacks, hardcovers, Kindle and audiobooks finding the perfect way to enjoy each medium.

At times I feel guilty for reading when it is chaos everywhere. While I am truly sorry about the devastation the current situation is causing, I have learned the hard way to not feel guilty for wanting to protect my peace and make a safe space for myself.


And truth be told, be it music, art or binge watching  whatever is your thing, find your peace in that space guilt free. You deserve that. I deserve that. We all need a win. And I am glad that my happy escape is reading.

I have been to the silent Fell New York,  small town Winchester, the beautiful beaches of Devon and Sgadansay, a shady research facility in an unknown desert near Kabul and even a cruise to the Caribbean to name a few adventures all from my cozy reading nook.

So, in these uncertain times find that hook to keep your joy and choose your adventure. 



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2 Responses

  1. True words these! I agree that while things are horrible we need our safe space. I’ve been many places during these trying times, too. And I think I was in the same research facility. LOL Read On!

    • Rejitha says:

      😂😂 Carol.. I am so happy to see your comment here in my blog!! Welcome to my place I guess…