Category: YA Fantasy

Forget Me Not | By Anca Antoci

Forget Me Not is the beginning of a fantasy adventure. The story is building up taking its shape and sculpting its characters.

Shadow and Bone | By Leigh Bardugo

Shadow and Bone has been a much hyped book ever since its release and with the Netflix series coming up, I found it hard to resist

Book Review | Ricochet | By Kathryn Berla

Ricochet is a good attempt in creating a web of parallel worlds and multiple realities. But it doesn’t exactly excite the readers in terms of a compelling conflict.  

Book Review | The Deck Of Omens | By Christine Lynn Herman

The Deck of Omens lived up to the expectations of anyone who read and actually enjoyed the twisted tale of Four Paths in The Devouring Gray. Although, the words like “quarantine” and “airborne” were too real to be honest.