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Same Time Next Year | By Tessa Bailey

Same Time Next Year had an interesting yet familiar premise. It’s a fake dating, marriage of convenience trope and the story starts from page one.


Unfortunately Yours | By Tessa Bailey

If you are picking up Unfortunately Yours, thinking you will get a fun, steamy rom-com and you can escape life for a few hours, you are absolutely right.

Wreck the Halls | By Tessa Bailey

Wreck the Halls is a decent rom-com that takes place around the days leading up to Christimas. This was a one-time read for me.

Secretly Yours | By Tessa Bailey

Secretly Yours is a fun romantic comedy that you can read just for the fun of it. A small-town romance between two opposites with a bit of wine tasting sounds like a promising setup.

Reborn Yesterday | By Tessa Bailey

Reborn Yesterday is your regular girl meets vampire and they fall for each other love story. If you keep your expectations in check and go for it, this is actually quite a decent read.  

Tools of Engagement | By Tessa Bailey

Tools of Engagement is a fun romance read. Just the kind of steamy and fantasy escape that you need to reset and rejuvenate your mind.

Hook Line and Sinker | By Tessa Bailey

If you love The Tessa Bailey style rom-com, give Hook Line and Sinker a go. It is a fun joyride once again in the small fishing town of Westport.

Love Her or Lose Her | By Tessa Bailey 0

Love Her or Lose Her | By Tessa Bailey

My thoughts   Narrative and Plot   Love Her or Lose Her is the second book of the series Hot and Hammered. After reading the first, you know what to expect. This book was anticipated...


Fix Her Up | By Tessa Bailey

My thoughts   Narrative and Plot   Before we get into this, I have heard mixed reviews about this book. So I went into it with the least of expectations. Surprisingly, the book had enough...