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Book Review | Contemporary Romance

Same Time Next Year
Published: December 1st, 2023
Adored by all, Britta is an ambitious waitress working at Sluggers. The popular bar holds a special place in her heart and is a regular hangout for the Bridgeport Bandits, the local hockey club. With a half brother on the team, Britta has a strict no-dating policy for hockey boys. But she does have a soft spot for one particular player.A beast on the ice, Sumner Mayfield is on the brink of breaking into the NHL. But time’s running out. With his work visa about to expire, Sumner’s only chance to stay in Bridgeport is to marry an American—and get a green card. Otherwise, it’s back to Canada for the defenseman.On New Year’s Eve, the team begs Britta to marry Sumner that very night. Sum is embarrassed yet hopeful—he’s desperately in love. But Britta balks at first. Until something about Sumner’s soulful brown eyes and ripped physique makes her reconsider…




My thoughts

Narrative and Plot

Before we get into the review, I would like to confess that I don’t read a lot of novellas. Perhaps my criticisms come from the lack of knowledge about the same.

Now, Same Time Next Year had an interesting yet familiar premise. It’s a fake dating, marriage of convenience trope and the story starts from page one. Again, being a novella this doesn’t have the privilege of giving you a preamble. You just jump right into it. Perhaps that’s why the chemistry between the leads didn’t really shine through, for me.

The theme and the whole leads pining for each seemed like a rinse and repeat of the last few Tessa Bailey books that I’ve read. It could be that I am having a burn out with the author’s book. The point is it didn’t bring anything refreshing to the table. Also, if I have to read one more book about the female lead’s ovaries doing a tango, I am quitting the genre. It’s been done and dusted. Please leave the ovaries alone.

Characters and Conflict

Sumner and Britta had known each other for a while. However, the history or the intimacy felt forced and passive. The whole conflict was around their relationship and nothing more. It had its steamy moments, but emotionally it felt like a one track road.

It didn’t click for me from the beginning. Needless to say, everything felt flat. The characters needed to be fleshed out a bit more.


I got into a mini reading slump because I dragged myself to finish this one. All I can say is if you are new to Tessa Bailey and want to test the waters, give this one a try. If you have already read her books, you can skip this one.  




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