A Very Lucky Christmas | By Lilac Mills

A Very Lucky Christmas | By Lilac Mills

A Very Lucky Christmas
Published: August 20th, 2018

About the Author

Lilac Mills is the author of chic-lit and heartwarming romance novels. She is also a book blogger along with her day job. And I have no idea how she does it all!!



Christmas is that time of the year when you are supposed to feel contented and loved. But things are not so well for Daisy Jones. With her love life and work life going south and being forced to move in back with her mother and grandmother, Daisy is in need of some good luck. Her great-grandmother “Gee Gee” as she calls her apparently feels the same and advises her to put a sixpence in her Christmas pudding. Only if she gets her sixpence will luck follow Daisy is what her grandmother believes. Did she get the sixpence? Will good luck find its way to Daisy? That is what you find out in this book.


My thoughts

I got an e-ARC of this book from NetGalley. First of all, I would like to thank both NetGalley and Lilac Mills for accepting my request and sharing a copy.


Narrative and plot

Well, what can I say about the narrative? It is no secret that I love Sophie Kinsella books. And I think that I have found an author to help me during my withdrawal symptoms while waiting for the next Sophie Kinsella book. The whole story is narrated by Daisy. And Daisy has a clear and witty voice which made me smile, laugh and enjoy the entire book. There was never a dull moment, thanks to her. A well-weaved narrative and the string of confusions amidst all the Christmas theme is indeed a fun read.


Characters and conflicts

Daisy Jones who rhymes a similarity to Bridget Jones is almost as funny and quirky as Bridget. I mean it in the most positive ways. Other than the name, both are distinct personalities as it is. Without even realizing herself, Daisy is a person who knows what she wants although she doesn’t admit to it fully. The first chapter shows how naïve Daisy is in the matter of heart and after the small leap and her emotional turmoils we see her grow as a person by the end of the book. All the conflicts in the world had somehow decided to roam around Daisy.


Indeed there is the mysterious case of sixpence and a certain Dr. Hartley. It’s been a long time since I have liked a male lead as much as Sam Roxton(I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella). Dr. Hartley is a likable young man and the best thing about him is that he is not the perfect man who has the “game”. He is your awfully sweet person who you love for their inherent qualities once you get to know them well. Of course, Daisy and Dr. Hartley (yeah I am not giving away his name right away) took their sweet time to know each other well. I was rooting for them by then.

The bickering old ladies were fun too even with all the poop talk. I love the way Daisy and Zoe’s relationship was developed throughout the story. And as for conflict, I didn’t expect some major Earth-shattering things to happen but it would have been nice if Daisy explored her career options as well. I mean I wanted to see more of that but unfortunately, it took the back seat in an extremely small corner. That doesn’t take away the inherent goodness of the story.



In short, there is nothing more to dissect in this book. It is a warm fuzzy Christmas read. I listened to some simple Christmas music and read the book as part of #tistheseasonathon and didn’t even realize when I reached the end of the book. It is that kind of a story. If you enjoy a Christmasy romantic comedy, then pick it up.  It will lift up your spirits!! As for me, I am going to check out some more of Lilac Mills books.


Wish you all a very Lucky Christmas!!



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A Very Lucky ChristmasA Very Lucky Christmas by Lilac Mills
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