Bookbug’s Featured Blogger Series | Episode 5

Dear Bookbugs,



This is my very first post of the year. And it is indeed my pleasure to feature this wonderful blogger as our fifth visitor of the Featured Blogger series.

Our blogger of the day is Sam who is the proud owner of the blog The Pen in My Pocket




She is one of the sweetest and calm bloggers I’ve met in the blogging community.

You can follow her on Twitter : @Novaturient


Here is a Q & A with her about 2018 and the New Year :


1) Story of your blog. How did you come up with the idea? How did everything come together?


Well, I had a blog prior to my current book blog. It was a mommy and student blog titled Scholarly Mommy, where I shared pregnancy/labor facts, personal triumphs and tribulations, and tips on how to stay afloat in life and especially in school. I really missed blogging, and after a little evaluation of what I truly like to talk about, I came up with my book blog, The Pen In My Pocket. From then on, ideas came to my head and I released them on WordPress. Also, I was certain that I wanted my daughter to be featured on my blog (but I didn’t want to reveal her identity) so I set a trend of having pictures of her little feet and hands under every post.


2) Are you buying a planner for 2019? Do you generally plan your blog or are you an impulsive blogger?


I was originally going to buy a Passion Planner, my favorite type of planner that already comes formatted, but I found a bullet journal that I barely filled. So I am going to save money and use up the bullet journal I already have before buying another planner.

I do not plan a single thing for my blog. I am really impulsive with it, and this comes from learned experience with my previous blog. When I get on a schedule, I really like to stay on track and sometimes I force myself to release content for the sake of a schedule and I lose focus on the drive and passion I have towards blogging.


3) Your favourite season of the year. Why?


Surprisingly, this is a tough question for me! My birthday is in the winter (Jan. 26), the dreadful cold weather of winter leaves which brings spring, summer is a season full of fun, and my wardrobe really comes to life in the fall. If I had to choose one, I’d go with fall, the season when my creativity is at its peak.


4) Top 3 authors of the year with 3 reasons.


Veronica Roth, Rick Riordan, and Cassandra Clare.

I read Divergent for the first time last month and absolutely LOVED it. I finished the book in three days which is a huge deal for me considering that I have a five month old who takes up majority of my time.

Rick Riordan and his Percy Jackson series are golden. My little brother recently discovered the world of Demigods and Olympian Gods. Talking to him about his current reads take me back to sophomore year, when I stumbled upon Percy. Four years later those stories still hold a big piece of my reader heart. I wouldn’t be such of a reader today if it weren’t for Rick Riordan.

Lastly, Cassandra Clare is a magician, a literary genius. I read 2/3 books of The Dark Artifices, and despite feeling that the series wouldn’t amount to the prior two, I fe in love with the new story and characters. Cassie Clare has the power to transport me between multiple dimensions all while never leaving my living room couch.


5) Most memorable moment of the year.

Easy. August 3, 2018 I gave birth to my chunkey monkey, Aaliyah Rose. Motherhood has been a whirlwind of emotions and somehow time does this weird thing where it goes by super slow yet really fast at the same time. Through all of the late nights and messy hair days, I love being a mommy and I am so thankful for my baby who is teaching me more about life as the days go on.


6) Is there any DNF books in 2018?


Divergent WAS one, but I ended up finishing it later in the year.


7) Your favourite place to visit at this time of year.


I live in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Downtown is my favorite place in the entire city, especially during the holidays. It’s so festive and warm and welcoming even on the coldest days of winter. However, this past month has been unusually warmer than previous years.

8) Did you discover any new writer/series in 2018 ?


Divergent is new to me. I didn’t even watch the movie. I also picked up The Lost Causes (by Alyssa Embree Schwartz and Jessica Koosed Etting) from Barnes and Noble and so far I am pleased with the read. TLC was released last year, which is new for me as I always find myself reading books that have been published more than five years ago.


9) Your favourite quote from a book you read in 2018.

Mark from The Dark Artifices is probably my favorite character. He’s so funny even when he doesn’t mean to be. Like, read this and tell me he isn’t a pure comedian:

“‘How did it go with the squid demon?’

Emma was prevented from answering by Clary’s enveloping hug.

‘Great,’ said Mark. ‘Really great. They’re so full of liquid, squids.’”


Not so much of a favorite quote, but more of a hilarious line by a favorite character. This small conversation between Emma and Mark can be found in Lord Of Shadows by Cassie Clare.


10) Tell us about your New Year Eve plans.


I actually wanted to be alone for NYE. I needed that time to evaluate my life and recenter myself from days of being away from home. I almost achieved that goal until my little brother came over to spend time with me. All in all, NYE was very peaceful for me internally.


A New Year message to all the Bookbugs out there

Happy New Year everyone!! In the midst of life, don’t forget to take time out of each day for yourself. Do something that makes you genuinely happy and everyday will be a good day. 

Thanks for reading my post❤️ 

 –  Sam



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  1. ‘How did it go with the squid demon?’ Yeah, I gotta read that book now. Two of my favorite things in one quote (or, assumably, combined into one absolutely amazing creature)! 😀