Bookbug’s Featured Blogger Series | Episode 10

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Featured Blogger Series is once again starting a new theme – a chat with lifestyle/book bloggers. It is April. Some part of the world has spring and then there are us who have the summer heat. Anyway this time is generally marked by traditional and local new year indicating the beginning of new harvest season in many parts of India.


Such a pleasant time of the year must have some pleasant people as well. Personally, I’m a sloppy person when it comes to routine. I am fascinated by people who actually stick to their daily routines. And today we have someone who has enough life experience to share with us. She is such a warm and humble blogger, and I am sure you can find some inspiration going through her blog.


Today on the Bookbug’s Featured Blogger Series we have, Sharon who is the proud owner of the blog : In The Thick of It Blog


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I hope you enjoy this Q and A with Sharon. I sure did. 🙂


  • Would you like to tell the readers which part of the globe are you from? How do you think your region influenced your blogging style?


            United States.  I don’t feel it has influenced my blogging style. I follow a lot of international bloggers and I feel we are all consistent.


  • At what point did you decide to write about lifestyle topics? Has it affected your own routine and thought process? Or is it the other way around?

It is my niche so I built the blog around the L.I.F.E acronym.


Yes, I can float between all four categories and then the Listening Book Club recommendations it offers variety which keeps me excited


  • Do you like travelling? If so, could you tell us the favourite place that you’ve visited? Do share your experience as to why it became your favourite.

I do!

So far Las Vegas

I like to run races, Las Vegas hosts the Rock “N” Roll Marathon series so friends and I attended November 2018.      We raced, relaxed, saw shows, ate some yummy meals, people watched and gambled. I learned to play roulette        this trip.


  • Since you listen to audiobooks, what kind of books do you prefer to listen to?

Self-help books and memoirs.


  • Do you stress out about producing content on a schedule? Or are you a more spontaneous blogger?

Occasionally, when life gets hectic. I do a post a week, so it is always manageable.



  • There is this opinion that crash diets might lead to serious health issues in the long term. What is your take on it?

No, sometimes a crash diet gets the weight off, but as we all know keeping the weight off is the real challenge!


  • Personally, blogging is a great way of stress relief for me. However as bloggers, we’ve all been there when struggle to keep up with our own mental deadlines. Particularly, book bloggers, who have to invest their time reading an entire book to make a single post.
What would you suggest to book bloggers or bloggers in general to keep up with their schedule? Are there any tips that would help us to be more organised and productive?


Are there any tips that would help us to be more organised and productive? Sign up for a library audio book service to have the book in audio version, you can clean the house or fold laundry and read at the same it!


  • Are you a movie buff? If so name three of your all-time favourite movies?


Crash (2004)

The Town (2010)

New Jack City (1991)




  • Social media can be uplifting at times. Like this brief interview! This would not have been possible if we didn’t interact via Twitter. At the same time it can be brutal as well. How do you think one should react to it? Particularly being a creative person and who uses the platform in its most positive sense.

So true  social media found you and a wonderful supportive blogger squad!


Speaking for myself I keep it classy. I see who unfollows me on social media, I do monthly unfollow sweep to those who unfollowed me. I don’t rant on social media either, I will however coach a rant-er and help them feel better.





  • Tell us the most favourite thing about your blog. Why is that your favourite thing?


It’s a tie with the Learning section and the Listening Book Club. I am a continuous learner so to share things I have learned has me at my most creative! The Listening Book Club has enriched my life in so many ways #1 makes me look forward to my long commute, no dreading it now!  Memoirs and self-help books teach me things and fiction is interesting like my favourite TV series or an awesome movie.






Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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