Bookbug’s Featured Blogger Series | Episode 11

Dear Bookbugs,


Following our list of lifestyle/book bloggers in the Featured Blogger Series, I am so proud to present this blogger here. She is a fellow country woman and we Indians are definitely people who take pride in such things 😉 .

Today we are featuring the awesome and super cool Zenobia who is the proud owner of the blog My Entangled Words.



You can follow her on Twitter : @this_is_zenobia Pinterest : Zenobia


I am sure you’ll enjoy this Q and A with her about lifestyle and blogging :



  • Would you like to tell the readers which part of the globe are you from? How do you think your region influenced your blogging style?



I’m from India. I don’t really think me being from this particular region has affected my  blogging style much. It may influence the kinds of posts that I write. But that’s just about it.


  • At what point did you decide to write about lifestyle topics? Has it affected your own routine and thought process or is it the other way around?


When I first started blogging, I would only write book reviews. But over time, I’d want to write something more. I’d start getting ideas for lifestyle posts and thought why not? Brainstorming is difficult at times since I have to think of posts in both niches now.


  • Do you like travelling? If so, could you tell us your favourite place that you’ve visited? Do share your experience as to why it became your favourite.


I absolutely love traveling! I love experiencing new cultures and food. My favourite place to visit is the Indian state of Rajasthan. The name literally translates to “Land of the Kings”. There are forts and palaces in each major city. It’s basically a dream come true for a historical fiction lover like me. I hope to go back soon and explore the places I couldn’t visit last time.


  • What kind of books do you prefer to read?


I tend to get attracted to books in the Historical Fiction genre all the time. Apart from that I like reading Contemporary fiction.


  • Do you stress out about producing content on a schedule? Or are you a more spontaneous blogger?

I used to. I nearly reached a sort of mental breakdown when I couldn’t stick to the schedule I made. And since I work full time the only time I get free to do anything is over the weekends. This makes it a little hard to stick to a set time to post as I usually have other things to do on that day as well.  Now I’m spontaneous. I post when I’m truly inspired to write.


  • There is this opinion that crash diets might lead to serious health issues in the long term. What is your take on it?


I am strictly against crash dieting. When your body suddenly loses the nutrition it’s used to it starts breaking down, which in turn leads you to get sick. I prefer controlling the portion size  and the food that I eat.


  • Personally, blogging is a great way of stress relief for me. However as bloggers, we’ve all been there when struggle to keep up with our own mental deadlines. Particularly, book bloggers, who have to invest their time reading an entire book to make a single post. What would you suggest to book bloggers or bloggers in general to keep up with their schedule? Are there any tips that would help us to be more organised and productive?


Make a reasonable schedule. Don’t try to over burden yourself with posts. When you have a day off or free try and draft as many posts as possible. I try to post on the weekend. If I know I’m busy that weekend i spend a few minutes drafting and adding to that draft during the weekdays. That was on the weekend I only have to do my final editing.



  • Are you a movie buff? If so name three of your all-time favourite movies?


And suddenly I’ve forgotten every single movies I’ve seen in my life *facepalm* Okay, let me think. There are only a few movies that I’ve loved and which I can watch over and over again. The first would be “The Sound of Music”, second would be the “Fiddler on the Roof” (I’m a sucker for musicals) and the third would be a hindi film called “Tumbbad”.


  • Social media can be uplifting at times. Like this brief interview! This would not have been possible if we didn’t interact via Twitter. At the same time it can be brutal as well. How do you think one should react to it? Particularly being a creative person and who uses the platform in its most positive sense.


Yes it wouldn’t!! I marvel at how small Social Media has made the world. I tend to avoid as much negativity as I can online. It’s my safe space and I’d hate to get involved in any sort of drama. I’ve recently written a post on why I took a break from Social Media. It got too overbearing.  I follow the principle of “if you can’t say  nothing nice, don’t say anything at all”. If someone attacks you, you don’t have to respond back rudely or in a similar way in which you were attacked. Then you just fall down to their level. Respond and then move on.


  • Tell us the most favourite thing about your blog. Why is that your favourite thing?


What I love about my blog is the amount of confidence it has given me. I love how it has connected me with people from all over the globe! It has in a way connected me with like minded individuals, many whom I would have never met or interacted with if I didn’t have my blog.


This was such a great interview! I’ve enjoyed answering every bit of it. Thank you 🙂







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4 Responses

  1. Rejitha says:

    Thank you so much Zenobia for doing this.
    I’m yet to watch Tumbadd. I have heard good things about the movie everywhere but the trailer was so scary that I’m afraid to watch even if I have prime. 😀

  2. Stephen says:

    Great interview. Zenobia was one of the first bloggers I followed on social media, and I love reading her posts. They are always wonderfully written and often relatable.