Thursday Spotlight | 22 July 2021




Dear Bookbugs,



As you are aware, I have started the Thursday spotlight segment in the blog fairly recently. Normally I would go for recent releases that I am interested in reading in the near future. But today, is a very special occasion.


As this is the celebration week for Self-published authors, this Thursday we are going to look back at three self published books that have stood out for me. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to who published what. All that matters to me is the premise and the overall plot while selecting a book. Well, let’s just be honest, the cover matters too. I am not above that.





Anyway, here are three self-published books that delighted me beyond expectations.




1) 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons






I just went for the pretty cover when I first saw ths cover of this book on NetGalley. They say social media platforms are essential for a writer’s success. I discovered Abbie’s social media presence after reading her work. It makes a lot of sense that she would write an uplifting story. Her content is generally aesthetically pleasing. It largely reflects in the work. You can read my thoughts on the book here.







2)Brainwalker by Robin Mundell and Stephen Lacast






Brainwalker is perhaps one of the first middle grade fantasy book that I read as an adult. It just blew my mind and was the perfect reminder I needed to see that middle grade books can bring such fresh perspective to adults. This book not only brings you the sense of wonder and joy, but forces you to think. You can read ny thoughts on this one, here.




3) Ranger’s Oath by Blake Arthur Peel






This is the first book in the Fall of Radiance series. Thanks to BBNYA , which is an annual award meant for indie authors and publishers, I found this gem of a fantasy. What works for Ranger’s Oath is , it follows the tried and tested formula. However, the story is so much captivating and engaging to read with interesting characters and fast paced events one after another that I finished it in no time and wished for more. If you wish to, you could read my review here.






Those are my current favorite self published author works. There are so many that I wish to include here.  However, I am following my own pattern for the spotlight and tried to find three books from three different genres. Let me know in the comments about your favorite self published works. 




Happy Reading everyone




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