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Winter At Wishington Bay
Eighteen months ago, Sophia Jones finally walked out on her unhappy life.With a tricky divorce ongoing, money is tight and so when friends offer her a housekeeping job while they’re away travelling, she accepts.Nate McKinley is hesitant when his brother, Gabe, offers him the use of their home in the picturesque village of Wishington Bay. But he has a book to a write and an imploded marriage to recover from, so maybe a change of scene is exactly what he needs.As Wishington Bay works its magic, friendship blossoms between Sophia and Nate. For Nate, finally feeling able to be himself with someone who is honest and down to earth is a revelation.But Sophia has a secret and a jealous colleague is determined to blow her cover. Can she really keep her old life in the past or is it destined to destroy this new, happy one too?Take a trip back to Wishington Bay this winter and find out… (Goodreads)  


My thoughts






Narrative and Plot






Winter at Wishington Bay is told from the main character Sophia’s perspective. The narrative is mostly her thoughts and reactions to her surroundings. The plot is basically a second chance love story between two heart broken people. They find their new beginning at Wishington Bay.

The plot is not too complicated. It is kind of predictable and a bit slow paced in the middle. None the less the cozy small town vibe and an ensemble of characters is definitely enjoyable.





Characters and Conflicts






Sophia and Nate are the main characters in the book. The book mainly shows Sophia and her view of Nate. Still from what we receive, he has been hurt a lot in the past.

I am not sure if I would go along with the antagonists or the so called “villains” in the story. Both Serena and Corrine felt two dimensional vile characters. It would have been interesting if there was a bit more conversation or layers to these characters who for the most didn’t get much screen time as far as I am concerned.

That being said, the rest of the village had that charming characters who are strong and have the weight of experience on their side even if they don’t get to say a lot. Holly was another passive character but I guess that is understandable.











This is a slow paced romance with a beautiful village in the backdrop. There is this aspect of finding your true happiness which I enjoyed reading. The romance is built up and kind of laid back which seems genuine since it is a second chance for both the main characters.
Overall, this was a one time cozy read for me.  











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