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Synopsis : 





Scotland, 158 AD, is a divided country.

On one side of the Antonine Wall, thirteen-year-old Felix is trying to become a good Roman soldier like his father. On the other, twelve-year old Jinny is vowing revenge on the ‘metal men’ who have invaded her Damnonii tribe’s homeland. At the Damnonii’s sacred circle of standing stones, her planned attack on Felix goes badly wrong, awakening a legend that threatens to bring fire and destruction down on them all.

Can Jinny and Felix overcome their differences and soothe the stones back to sleep before it’s too late?










My thoughts





Narrative and Plot




The Whistlers in the Dark was told from both Jenny’s and Felix’s perspectives. Now, I don’t know much about Roman history, so I cannot vouch for the historical accuracy of the story. However, despite what the setting was, the book had a heart that we can relate to no matter it is set in like the first Avatar movie.

The plot is literally a beautiful coming-of-age novel. But if you dig deeper, it gives the kids quite a big and clear message. Being a middle-grade book, I hope every child who reads the story takes that message to heart.








Characters and Conflicts






The book had a myriad of colorful characters. It painted a clear picture of who is who and what each one of them wanted from the beginning. Jenny and Felix both had a remarkable character arc, but it was Bram who stood out to me. He was the first one to be so open and welcoming and had a big heart to let go of old grudges and hatred when he had every reason to.

The eerie supernatural element in the book elevated the setup. Especially when it is set against young minds that are being molded into believing and seeing things a certain way.

The only reason I am not rating it a 5/5 was the red herring in the beginning. The book toyed with my emotions at the start only to find out that it was a wilful omission.









Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. Whistlers in the Dark is an innocent yet hopeful take on worldly things through the eyes of young children, which is exactly what a middle-grade novel should be.








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I received an e-ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review for TheWriteReads Ultimate blog tour.












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