The Pumpkin Spice Cafe | By Laurie Gilmore




Book Review | Contemporary Romance





Synopsis :  




When Jeanie’s aunt gifts her the beloved Pumpkin Spice Café in the small town of Dream Harbor, Jeanie jumps at the chance for a fresh start away from her very dull desk job.

Logan is a local farmer who avoids Dream Harbor’s gossip at all costs. But Jeanie’s arrival disrupts Logan’s routine and he wants nothing to do with the irritatingly upbeat new girl, except that he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her.

Will Jeanie’s happy-go-lucky attitude win over the grumpy-but-gorgeous Logan, or has this city girl found the one person in town who won’t fall for her charm, or her pumpkin spice lattes…






My thoughts






Narrative and Plot





The Pumpkin Spice Cafe was sold to me as a book that has all the Stars Hollow – Luke and Lorelei – vibe going on. If you are unaware, they are the leads from the show Gilmore Girls.

The book delivers the vibe with town meetings, Fall festivals, and nosy townspeople who mean well. There isn’t much of a plot here, but you can just soak in the atmosphere where everything is cheerful and festive.









Characters and Conflicts






Jeanie and Logan are the main leads of the story. Both of them are trying to move on with their lives. As it happens, they don’t know how to go about it or have the courage to acknowledge their own feelings.

Most of the book is one of those will they won’t they situation. Jeanie and Logan have their own things to figure out, and they have no idea how to deal with these new feelings.

How they manage to overcome their own shortcomings and be with each other basically forms the story.
















If you are, like me, one of those people who tune into Gilmore Girls for Stars Hollow and quaint small-town charm, then go for this one. It’s all fallish, pumpkin spice drinks, and Grumpy versus Sunshine. This one was a fun palette cleanser for this time of the year. 







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