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The Templar Sword
Published: June 7th, 2022
Noah is a typical teenager with a very atypical dream – becoming a modern-day Knight Templar. His estranged father, a senior commander within the Order, is dead set against it. An ancient sword has been missing for centuries. Recovering it would prove Noah's worth to his father and earn him a place at the Clearview Templar Academy. When he stumbles across a Renaissance painting that holds a clue to the sword’s location, Noah’s dream seems within reach. As the death toll quickly mounts, it becomes apparent that others are hunting the sword – for far more evil ends. The future of the Templars, very much like Noah’s, is at stake. Together with his friend Viggo and mischievously attractive Isabelle, Noah embarks on the deadliest quest of his life. The sword’s dangerous trail will take them from the canals of Venice, to the spires of Seville, to a gripping showdown in the underwater caves of the Caribbean.



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Narrative and Plot







The Templar Sword is a fun adventure mystery read from start to finish. Noah is the voice of the story and his quirky humor and earnest nature makes this quite an easy read. There are a lot of historical and fantastical elements in the book. Also, I haven’t read the first book, but the dynamics between the characters, the plot and the stakes are all quite strong for the second book in a series.

Noah gets entangled on yet another adventure, but this time, his entire future might depend on it. The story was fast-paced, and it never lagged. It was always kinetic and clear about which direction it was going. If anything, I would have loved a bit more mystery. Other than that, this was a solid read.









Characters and Conflicts





There are several characters that make this odd adventure team. Each of them stood out. However, Noah is the main character, and it is his conflicts that we are most invested in. His self-deprecating humor came in handy in several situations. However, the tone subtly shifted to serious when things got rough. At the end of the day, Noah’s sense of adventure comes from this need to be included in his father’s world. That came out quite well till the last chapter.

His relationship with Isabelle, Viggo and Lachlan was all entertaining and left a lot of room for the upcoming books.















Overall, The Templar Sword is the fun Young Adult mysterious historical adventure trip for all those Robert Langdon fans out there. I would probably continue this series in the future as well.











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