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After three marriages and a lot of living, resilient Billie Slate knows exactly what trouble love can bring. Now she’s reinvented herself as the Heartbreak Bunny, an on-call performance artist who can heal anyone who’s been burned by that four-letter word, LOVE, by hopping about and whisking away sad mementos from their past relationships.

Call it magic. Call it peculiar. But her bunny costume is as perfect as her breakup mantra: SNAP OUT OF IT.

As Billie’s business goes viral and skyrockets her to sudden fame, her comfortable life turns surreal: her daughter’s marriage begins to fail, and Victor, aka Worst Husband Ever, wants not only to bond with the daughter he left but to win Billie back. Only, he’s got competition: a charming widower might be falling in love with a woman who no longer believes in love.

As every romantic notion Billie had pushed away starts pushing back, the Heartbreak Bunny must confront the possibility that, just maybe, love has some tricks left up its sleeve.



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Narrative and Plot



Snap Out of It is what you call a laugh-out-loud contemporary romantic comedy. We follow Billie who is a witty Heartbreak Bunny and just turned sixty-year-old woman. Even when the plot is stretched a bit too long in the latter, Billie livens things up with her quick wit and imaginative mind.

The plot is exactly what it sounds like in the synopsis. There is nothing more nothing less. In the end, it is all about how Billie herself has to snap out of it. The story takes its sweet time to get there but it’s worth the wait.








Characters and Conflicts





Billie is quite an unconventional character. She looks like someone who walked out of a sitcom. The few references to Gilmore Girls indicate that it is indeed intentional. Only, Billie is fifty times over Lorelei and Louise is probably Rory from the early seasons. However, the similarity ends in temperament.

Bille is brave, fun, loyal, honest, and just a joy to be around. She is a vibrant sixty-year-old heroine which we don’t get to see around a lot. Most rom-com mothers are often women who are wise and can sense things or are overtly meddling. Billie on the other hand is flawed and still figuring out how to be a parent to a daughter in her thirties. She is still figuring out what life or love is while living her best life.

That makes her the most reliable character. Mason and Victor are trying their best to win over Billie. It is interesting to see how the truth is revealed to the reader before the protagonist herself realizes what’s in front of her.

The ensemble cast is colorful as well. The friendship between Calvin and Billie is heartwarming and makes your heart fill with all kinds of hope.














I always try to read that one book in January which is filled with hope, love, and a little bit of magic. If you are in search of something like that, then look no further. Snap Out of It is just the right book for you.







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I received an e-ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.





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