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Secrets of the Deep
Published: July 19th , 2023
CORDELIA BLUE IS AFRAID OF WATER . CORDELIA IS ALSO A MERMAID. Determined to face her fear, Cordelia enters the ocean for the first time since her twin brother was killed and learns she is from the oldest bloodline of mermaids. Entrusted with a magical relic, it us up to her alone to break an ancient curse and free the mermaids from the water. But the selachii - mysterious shark shapeshifters - also have their eyes on the relic. As tensions increase between the mermaids and selachii, Cordelia doesn’t know who to trust. Forced to choose between love and race, she doubts every decision and the intentions of those around her. Trusting her head will lead to a path of betrayal, but she might just get her family back. If she chooses her heart, the mermaids may stay cursed to remain in the ocean forever.     (Goodreads)




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Narrative and Plot









Secrets of the Deep is a YA fantasy told from Cordelia’s perspective. She is the main character of the story. Cordelia is passionate and empathetic, which reflects in the storytelling as well. The pacing was off now and then, but it picked up towards the end.

The plot is one of the strongest elements of the story. The world-building and all the mysterious elements of the deep ocean had my full attention.








Characters and Conflicts










Cordelia is still grieving the loss of her loved ones. Her fear and terror are depicted aptly. It immediately makes us want to root for her. I did not feel the romance or the chemistry between Cordelia and Wade. It felt very insta-love. I understand the story needed to move forward as it incorporates a lot of elements. However, for a story where romance takes an important place in the plot, it didn’t give enough time or space to develop the relationship. That took me off from this world.



Even though there are still a lot of unknown factors in the entire series, it seemed like the story lacked depth in terms of character development and building up the suspense. There were a few instances where too much “showing” ruined the intrigue. The plot twists became too predictable at that point.



















Overall, Secrets of the Deep is an entertaining one time YA fantasy read for me. Despite my issues with the book, I am still interested in continuing the series.















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I received an Ebook from @TheWriteReads in exchange for an honest review for the blog tour.






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