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Mr Nice Guy
‘Give me a week. Seven days and seven nights. I’ll show you what it’s like to be with a nice guy.’ Chelsea’s housemate Tom is tired of her complaining about her boyfriends. Arrogant, sexy, irresistible—bad boys are basically Chelsea’s M.O. Pretty much everything that Tom is not. He’s dependable and sweet. He’s also kind of hot in a cute, unthreatening way. His offer surprises Chelsea. He’s right . . . she’s never really given a nice guy a chance before. And now she’s curious. Hell, it might even be fun. There’s just one rule: this isn’t a friends with benefits arrangement. Except Chelsea never imagined nice guys could play so dirty . . .       (Goodreads)      




My thoughts 




Narrative and Plot  





With the cover and description of the book, I was expecting Mr Nice Guy to be a casual, fun ride. It went that way for the first half, but then the story digs deeper and explores the characters and their deepest apprehensions. However, towards the ending, it shifts the tone to that playful steamy book again.

In short, the tone felt a little inconsistent with what I am normally used to. Now, I do not know if this was intentional or not. The first shift was fine, but the shifting back to the playful romance with an unexpected climax wasn’t something that I could get on board with.




Characters and Conflicts





As the title suggests, Tom, one of the protagonists, is the epitome of the “nice” guy. Chelsea comes out as this ingenue with a warm heart who shares the same flat as Tom. Both the characters have a clear arc. They are quite relatable and definitely resemble the people we meet in our lives.

It is the characters that draw you into the story and make you curious to know how they turned out to be in the end. Nadia, the best friend, came out to be an eccentric character, but the subtle tease to the sequel definitely has my attention.










Overall, Mr Nice Guy is a quick romance read when you just wish to pick up something light but not too shallow. It is kinetic, steamy and has the heart that you look for in a romantic comedy.  







About the Author







I received an e-Arc of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.















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