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A mysterious all-powerful being watches the unfolding stories of two alternative realities he has created. In one reality, an acquaintance of this being has placed himself in the world. His presence affects the story in the most significant of ways, though his motivations are only founded in love... In both of these worlds, the beautiful but naive Herai has just reached adulthood. The underground stone city in which Herai lives is a dark network of torchlit tunnels, patrolled by guards. The city's residents are cocooned from the people Outside - savages they believe threaten their existence. In one reality, Herai is tasked with navigating the Outside, with all its dangers, in a desperate attempt to save the city from an impending war. In the other reality, Herai is brutally attacked. Who is behind the violence and what was their intention? No one is beyond suspicion, and the entire fabric of life in the city is threatened. (Goodreads)







My thoughts






Narrative and Plot






Herai is one of those books with unique story telling techniques and plot structuring. There are two worlds as we gather from the synopsis and two set of parallel plots. Even after knowing this, it took me some time to get a hold on the events and place them properly.

However, the plot was intricately woven and carefully structured to maintain the intrigue and excitement in both the storylines.







Characters and Conflicts






Herai is an ensemble of powerful and remarkable characters. There is a peculiar integrity and conviction in each of them regardless of which world they belonged to. In the end, people remain the same no matter which life they are placed in. That is one takeaway I had from the book. Although, the circumstances play a great part in shaping them to be who they are. The whole character  development testifies to the popular phrase ” in another life, maybe”.

Two parallel worlds, with parallel events and parallel characters all dealing with the chaos around them. Talk about conflict! In the beginning, with all the confusion and not knowing what my objective as a reader should be, it took some time to get invested in the story. But once that was cleared, this had been a page turner. The sequence of events even the smallest ones were significant in both the worlds.

There are two ways to reach to an outcome and there is one better way. Herai explores both these paths. The end kind of left me baffled, like a Matrix kind of situation.











Overall, Herai is an intriguing thriller that explores the philosophy of life in general. It is uncommon to combine those two themes together but save a few confusions, the book managed to wrap it up in a neat package. Go for it, if you’re interested in reading something unconventional.  




























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