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YA Contemporary fiction

Awkward : Book Cover
Hi! I am Awkward. Looking for a book description? How about a disclaimer instead? Disclaimer This book contains Awkward’s awkward tales and drawings, and there’s no doubt that a three- year- old can draw better than Awkward. This book could make you cringe with awkwardness or it could melt your heart. The chances of the latter happening are minute. Read at your own risk. ** Come (Goodreads)
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Awkward is a unique and witty read. So, I am ditching my usual review format and just sharing what I felt about the book. Awkward is basically a collection of the sweet and awkward incidents in Awkward’s life.  At first, it took me some time to get used to the format. But Awkward slowly starts growing on you. Other times, you realise that you have been Awkward more than once in life.





Awkward is witty, smart and definitely has a personality that is not awkward. It felt like watching a comedy sketch with Awkward as the centre of everything. The sweet romance that was weaved into the story made it special. I totally bought the chemistry between Awkward and Extrovert.






Overall, this is a quick light-hearted read that would definitely make you smile.  It is a short and easy read while you’re waiting in front of your screen before that Awkward video conference where everyone is just setting up. Just don’t make it too awkward by reading while everyone is staring at you because that would be awkward. 





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