Category: 2022

Reborn Yesterday | By Tessa Bailey

Reborn Yesterday is your regular girl meets vampire and they fall for each other love story. If you keep your expectations in check and go for it, this is actually quite a decent read.  

Bookbugworld’s November TBR | 2022

The penultimate month of the year 2022 is upon us. Should I go for dark and cozy books like I try to do most Novembers? Or Should I just pick a handful of books that I truly need to read by this point of the year?

BBNYA Semifinalist Spotlight Tour | 03 Nov 2022

Today’s BBNYA semifinalist spotlight features the book named ‘Becoming Animals’ by Olga and Christopher Werby. This is a one-of-a-kind science fiction that made it all the way through the semifinal of the BBNYA 2022 panel. 

The Ex Hex | By Erin Sterling

The Ex Hex is definitely the kind of book that you can pick up every October. It is witchy and centred around Halloween.

The Frost Fair | By Natasha Hastings

The Frost Fair is a middle-grade fantasy that is surprisingly grounded even when it is dealing with all these magical and frosty elements.