The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Vinny @artsydraft for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. In truth, I am an amateur really. But the blogging community is so warm and welcoming that they decided to include me. Well, Vinny did. If you already don’t know her, follow her blog. She is a genuinely sweet and supportive blogger.

Like any other award posts, Versatile Blogger Award has some rules.


  • Once you are nominated by a fellow blogger, you are a recipient of the award.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog back in your post.
  • Find fifteen fellow bloggers and nominate them for The Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Make a post revealing seven unknown facts about you. (**This should be easy, right?)
  • Include the above-mentioned rules in your award post.




Without further ado, let’s dwell into my world of secrets.


  • Let me state this first. I am a foodie. I love trying new things (as long as they suit my pallet).I love reading about food and places to eat in a city. That kind of thing.


  • I don’t know why but most movies or stories generally portray book-loving girls as women who don’t know how to dress up. But I love dressing up and putting some makeup on. Am I an expert? Hell no! But I like a little bit of grooming.


  • I am terribly scared of dogs. Well, I like watching the neighbor’s dogs as long as there is a fence between us. I love watching confident people playing with their own dogs. But that is that. I can’t be near a dog without sweating myself with all the fear and scaring the poor thing. Some childhood memories scarred me forever. Can’t help it.



  • As a kid I didn’t read a lot. It was the 90s. So no Internet. My school didn’t have any kind of library until my sixth grade. Then they had a small collection from which I managed to get a few. Even so, I read whatever book that came to my hands. What my school lacked in the library they compensated by giving away books as prizes in essay competitions and elocutions.


  • The Famous Five by Enid Blyton was the first book I ever read. Five on a Treasure Island. But the biggest treasure I found was reading itself. The book was a reward for some school event again.


  • With my job and moving around a lot there was a period of a grave reading slump in my life. I bought books but I could never finish them. I could only read four or five books a year. But I decided to put an end to that phase in 2018. Here I am blogging my way through books.


Hope you enjoyed my “deep dark secrets”. Now it is my turn to know about other bloggers.

Here are my nominations :


~~Happy Blogging~~



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6 Responses

  1. Book_rambler says:

    Thanks for the nomination! I am writing or trying to write a post ,so keep a look out! Oh,I enjoyed reading your “deep,dark secrets”.

  2. I loved reading your post! I definitely need to read an Enid Blyton book- I’ve not read one! Terrific share and congrats on your award!

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me! It took me long enough but I finally got my post up (! I enjoyed reading your post! I’m glad you found your way out of the reading slump, I now I’ve been there. That’s terrible your school didn’t have a library!

  4. Rejitha says:

    Thank you for the reply. Yes, the blog really helped me out of my reading slump!! Excited to read yours