The One Christmas Trope that I am tired of reading/ watching

Dear Bookbugs,

This is the twelfth day of Blogmas 2018. In the last few days, I have been reading, binge-watching and listening to Christmas or Holiday related things only. That is how I noticed a Christmas trope common in the majority of them and I knew I would have to write about it at some point.


The one Christmas trope that I am tired of reading and watching is “finding true love during the holidays!!” Just when you read that, how many of those books and movies popped up in your brain?


Most of these holiday tales – be it a movie or a book – make you feel incomplete if you don’t have someone special to share it with. I mean I appreciate the genuine love stories that are meant to be all warm and fuzzy. But then again, there is an excess of those stories which treat the Christmas eve as if some corporate deadline to confess your feelings!!



Honestly, I appreciate the whole surround yourself with your loved ones theory. But Christmas is not just about one kind of love. It represents all kinds of love, right?

  • The love that you have with your unique dysfunctional family.


  • The love that you have for some long lost friend.


  • That feeling you have about finding your favourite pet.


  • That excitement you have to cook/ create/ read/ write something you love.


  • The love that you have with your sibling, sometimes after not talking for over a year or so.


  • The love that parents have for their kids. After all, isn’t it the festive time when we all fly back to our nest that we call family home?


It can be about a million things. Even if you are stuck in a hotel room and are all by yourself, it is completely fine. Sometimes you find comfort and joy in that silence and perhaps with the company of a good book, chocolate and wine. Even that love towards yourself is what makes holidays special.

I think the idea of a Holiday plus one is being overfed to our minds. If the overall plot demands it, then you can have your romance but I think it’s time to evolve those Holiday fairy tales into something better, something more relatable and human, perhaps.


Are you someone who enjoy the Holiday fairy tales? If so let me know your reason in the comments!!



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