Bookbug’s Holiday Wishlist

Dear Bookbugs,


It is Christmas time. That time of year when all your wishes are supposed to come true. Or at least, the time when you are in the mood to wish for things and sometimes they actually come true.


I’ve never had a Christmas tree at home. Nor had I ever woken up a morning to find gifts under the tree. Even so, occasionally I’ve had my wishes come true because of the lovely people around me who just happen to know what I want at that moment.

Here is my very own personal wish list for this Holiday season. Fingers crossed. Hope some of them come true!!


  • Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone



I have the Sennheiser CX 275 headphones and they are breathing their last days after almost 2yrs of use. Now, the audiobook lovers out there know how important it is to own a noise cancelling headphone especially when you are listening to some interesting chapter of your book.



  • Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella (hardcover)

Recently I listened to Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl. I had read the book a few years back and now I don’t have it. For some reason, there is this strong desire to own a hardcopy of this book. Sophie Kinsella is my favourite author and this is the book that drew me to her style. It’s only fair that I treasure that love in some way, right? (No, that is not another excuse to buy a book that I’ve read many times.)



  • A USB Soundcard audio splitter

I am going to buy this soon myself. It would be so helpful to have this while recording audio as I’ve recently discovered that my laptop does not have a headphone/microphone splitter. Isn’t that a pretty basic thing to have on a gadget?



  • Metal Bookmark

Everybody wishes for an upgrade even in their favourite hobbies. I have been using the generic bookmarks that come along books. I even have a DIY bookmark a roommate once gifted me because she knows I love books. But deep down I have this craving for luxury and a metal bookmark just seems so mystique. And I believe they are durable too. It would be an investment, really!!!



  • Why I am a Hindu by Shashi Tharoor

I don’t read non-fiction but if I decide to start someday it would be this one. I have studied Shashi Tharoor’s articles in my higher secondary school and have always admired the way he approaches a topic. It is no wonder that he is a word wizard in the Twitterati era. I am a Hindu and being a Hindu I’ve always felt this need for self-searching or finding meaningful answers from the Universe, that kind of thing. Now I am not knowledgeable enough to read the Vedas but I am hoping this book would be a start to find a direction to where I stand in the faith department.



  • Ray-Ban Gradient Square Women’s Sunglasses


Phewww, that was a quick transition back to the material world. I found these glasses during one online window shopping session and I just knew I had to buy it and I don’t even wear sunglasses!! However they are unavailable in Amazon ever since and are in my wish list forever.



  • Pinewood Vivaldi Violin


I used to play violin during my school days. Now I’ve been so out of touch that my fingers have lost all the practice. I have my old violin in a corner somewhere with all the strings either broken or out of tune. I need to at least get that repaired. But I wish I could start over and buy a new one, self-teach myself. Time is the enemy though. Hopefully I will work on this soon!!





That sums up my simple wish list!! Most of them, I would buy myself I think. But it would be nice, if someone gifts me any of them. I will definitely write if I get any of these wishes fulfilled folks!!


Hope you enjoyed that.



Share you wishlist in the comments.









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2 Responses

  1. Shalini says:

    You have a great list…. I checked the book it is 457rs hehehe sorry I am going through my own problems… I would have surely got it

  2. rejidear says:

    Hehehe… Thank you so much for going through the post and taking time to comment.
    Yes, hardcovers are so expensive. I will probably get that one soon too. It’s just I’ve already spent too much on books last month. 😛
    Probably next month.