Game of Thrones – An era of the epic watch

The final episode of the Game of Thrones series ended on  May 20th, 2019 ( according to Indian Standard Time). The last two seasons had mixed opinions but one thing is sure, Game of Thrones is one of the best series ever in the history of world television.

Today, I am not here to debate whether it was good or bad. It had me thinking how my “watch” began and how it ended. This was a series that took the world by a storm since the first season aired, I believe. Yet, it reached me only after six seasons when the whole world was debating whether Jon Snow is alive or not. You see, the content was not available to the audience in this part of the world. Even today only a niche audience watch and adore it to the core. Thanks to hotstar, now we don’t have to wait and are able to watch it with the world.

I haven’t read the books except for the first one. And from the first book, I would say the show almost nailed every character and the set up. It is hard to transform those words into stunning visuals and the show  never disappointed ( Don’t yell Battle of Winterfell. The words are not yet formed 😉 ) And I am aware that the show deviated from the base materials. But this isn’t a debate. This is an experience.

Despite being a fantasy show, Game of Thrones resonated with every human being who watched it. Don’t you have that one moment in life where you felt like you’re Ned Stark stuck in King’s Landing? If only you could yell “Dracarys!!”(I sure as hell had that one :P)


Even if you yelled at Cersei, you admired her political prowess. If only you had the skills of Arya Stark or the witty remarks of Tyrion  Lannister where you see right through people.


As aptly put by Peter Dinklage, “This is the most realistic show I’ve ever worked on which also has dragons and dead people walking around”

No matter how it ended, such a great legacy cannot satisfy everyone’s views. Still, I am glad at the way it ended. In a time when nepotism is being talked about, the show ended on a note where it is drifting towards choice and acceptance. It started as a tale of basic human nature and how it drives them and it ended on the same note.

I am proud that I live in an era when A Song of Ice and Fire was written and the Game of Thrones was aired. One can only hope that this book stands the test of time and stays relevant from the day it was made until the last of the days.

And now my watch ends. 


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3 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    I adored every season of this epic series. Will rewatch it like my other HBO series Sex in the City.

    • Rejitha says:

      I have only watched the movies Sex and the City.Really need to make time for the series. And yes, I loved every season of GoT too. It was great 😊
      Thank you for letting me know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic post! I totally agree with you, Game of Thrones never could have an ending which would be satisfying to everyone but, it is one of the greatest TV shows of all time.