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Dear Bookbugs,

The lovely Adele from Dellybird  tagged me for my first ever Christmas tag post this year and I am so thankful to her for doing the same. The Christmas Characters tag was created by Anthony from Keep Reading forward.


Just like any other Book tag the Bloggers Christmas Character Tag has some rules which I am listing below :



  • All prompts must be answered.
  • All answers must be honest
  • Tag 1-12 people
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  • Credit the tag creator



Santa Claus – A gift you received or want this year


I have been meaning to do some recording and needed a microphone. So my sister generously gifted it to me as a surprise last month. That is the best gift I received this year. It was so thoughtful and motivating at the same time.



Mrs Clause  – A Favourite Holiday Treat to have Every Year


I have no idea about the story behind this, but Christmas here in Kerala is incomplete without plum cakes and I just love them. Besides, plum cakes go well with red wine as well. How about that for a combination?


Ghost of Christmas Past – A Holiday Memory from Your Past


I got my first job in October 2011. Pretty close to Christmas. We were these new trainees fresh out of college and behaved rightly so. Our seniors just kept to themselves smirking at our innocence and there were these two gangs, newbies and oldies. However my boss wanted us newbies to spearhead the Christmas celebrations and we, still having that college enthusiasm in us, went out to great lengths and collected information about each and every one and arranged our Christmas games in a way that touched every one of them. I mean it wasn’t that hard, we were a team of 20-25 people. And by the end of that celebration day, I had made some of my best friendships with those senior colleagues. I left that job moved on to different things, changed cities but those friends are still there in my life and deep down I know that it was that Christmas that brought us all together.


Buddy the Elf – A Holiday Song You Like to Sing Each Holiday Season

We don’t celebrate Christmas here but I have always loved the song “Silent Night”. I always associate Christmas to that song. It has a certain charm to it. I feel that way.


Misfit Toys – An Unpopular Toy You Really Wanted to Get One Year.


Are toys ever unpopular? Growing up I have always wanted to have a Barbie doll but then again, they were so popular. Naah, I am more of a “make a toy with whatever you get your hands into” girl.



Grinch – A moment When Your Heart Grew Three Sizes


At home we don’t have Christmas. But still, we get into the spirit and gift cakes to all the Christian friends we know. Not just my home, Christmas is celebrated irrespective of faith in many households here. And whenever I see people hanging a star, exchanging gifts to each other – not because it is their faith but more like an occasion of coming together, it touches my heart. It might be a simple thing but it makes you believe that there is always hope in humanity.


Jack Frost – A Tradition You Like To Do Every Winter


So I have told that I don’t have Christmas. Now, how about, we don’t have winter here in the South of India. It’s just warm and cool in December. But talking about traditions, every year around the end of November or the first week of December,  we light up lamps on these cool breezy nights of “Thrikarthika” (Karthik Purnima – happens when the full moon is in line with the constellation Pleides) to welcome the Goddess Shakti. I would say that is my favourite holiday tradition.


Hero Boy – A moment you believed in a Holiday Wish/ Miracle


This didn’t happen around holidays but as odd and unbelievable it might sound, I think of it as some kind of a miracle – a moment I believed in a force other than ours let’s say. If you google “milk miracle in India” you can see the complete story of what happened.

Basically one fine day, everyone claimed that the Ganesha idols across the world is drinking milk. Offering milk to deities is a popular Indian ritual. I was in second grade when it happened. Even as a kid I wasn’t about to believe what anyone just told me. So I stood in the long queue and offered milk to the marble statue and it vanished much to my surprise. By evening all the fuzz was over and people went back to their homes. That is when we kids around the neighbourhood gathered (all Stranger Things style) and decided to investigate. We went out with our milk vessels when everyone claimed the phenomenon stopped and prayed to accept our offering.


Now at that time I didn’t know about surface tension or capillary force. What we knew was if milk was being sucked by one orifice in the idol it must go out somewhere. We placed look outs at all exits and took turns to offer milk to the marble statue. But it never went out and it happened after everyone left the premises of the temple when they thought it was all over. To this date, I don’t know what that was but it was my moment of miracle. I mean I am not too much into devotion and faith but what happened there still remains a mystery to me. And the optimist in me wants to believe it to be the work of some higher order,  a miracle if you may call it.


Cindy Lou Who – A favourite Holiday Tradition


We might not have Christmas at home, but we never miss an occasion to celebrate. For Christmas, we might have some friends or family over as this is a ten day vacation time in schools. The plum cake is served, better if helped by some wine. We cook chicken, watch the Christmas special movies and if the carol kids are around, we stand at our verandas and listen to them.


Frosty the Snowman – A memory involving snow or a memory you would like to have involving snow


So we don’t have winters which means no snow either. I have never seen snow in real life. So merely watching and feeling snowfall would be the best memory. Chances are I would go snow crazy, if I am around snow someday!!


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – A Holiday Activity You Like Doing


Playing secret Santa to others is something that I would never get tired of.



Ebenezer Scrooge – “Bah, Humbug!” A Favorite Holiday Saying or Quote


Well of course the classic “Christmas won’t be Christmas without presents!!” – Little Women




That brings us to the end of my Christmas Characters tag. I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. As it is the time to spread joy, here is my Christmas tag to these wonderful people :


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5 Responses

  1. Your answers are all so touching and really personal. I enjoyed reading them so much. 🙂 🙂 I initially don’t know you’re an indian. I have so many online friends there and I love them.

    Thanks for tagging me and will do this as part of my #blogmas posts.

    • Rejitha says:

      Thank You for taking time to read and comment on my post. Really appreciate it. One of the great things I love about blogging is how it brings people from all over the world together just because they share a common interest. 🙂
      Waiting to read yours as well!!

  2. alliee reads says:

    This touched my heart. I feel like I know so much more about you Rejitha! I adored reading this and thank you so so much for tagging me! I’ll do it sometime this week! A fabulous post, my love! xx

    • Rejitha says:

      Thank you for reading this. 😊 I usually get carried away when I talk about myself 😄

      I can’t wait to read yours. Would love to know more about you.