Category: Thriller


Ordeal by Innocence | By Agatha Christie

Ordeal by Innocence is an atmospheric riveting thriller read about the murder mystery at Sunny Point. If anyone asks me about a good classic Agatha Christie thriller, this one would be on my list.

The Club | By Ellery Lloyd

The Club is a closed-circuit thriller with x/y variables. IĀ  would say go for it if this kind of entertainer is your thing.

Home Before Dark | By Riley Sager

Home Before Dark is the perfect spooky thriller read for October. Ā I could see myself returning to this book just for the vibe of it.

Death At the Manor | By Katharine Schellman

Death At the Manor is a spooky gothic thriller that you could consume in a single afternoon. Set in the regency era, it is quite in line with modern sensibilities.

Final Girls | By Riley Sager

Final Girls, is a gripping hard hitting thriller that doesn’t shy away from the violence and trauma. A quick crime thriller filled with intrigue and suspense.