WWW Wednesday | 19 August 2020

Dear Bookbugs,



After a slow reading  week, I finished two books on a row. This time it was no reading slump. My work is getting back to its normal routine despite things getting dire each day. Now, I need to find snippets of time to read again. Funny, how you waste away all that time and then long for your reading time when you have very little.



Anyway, let’s get into the WWW Wednesday !!



The WWW Wednesday meme was hosted by MizV at A Daily Rhythm. It is now revived by Taking a World of Words.

This is a simple  meme where you have to answer the three W’s of a reader’s life.

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you think you’ll read next?


And then link the host’s blog to your post and if possible leave a comment in theirs.





1)What are you currently reading?





At the moment, I have started only a few pages of The Ghost Wood Song by Erica Waters. Shady Grove loves to play the fiddle like her father. She also has the power – like her father – to call ghosts from their graves with her fiddle. Shady never wanted to use her powers, but when her brother is accused of murder, she is forced to find the answers in the grave.

I have only read a few pages. And the book deals with grief and loss. It has a mysterious theme so far. I am intrigued to know more.










2) What did you recently finish reading?








Like I said in the intro I finished two books, that I was reading simultaneously. First one is Thin Girls by Diana Clarke. This is a debut literary fiction novel about these twin sisters Rose and Lilly. The book mainly talks about body shaming. The main character Rose is battling anorexia. So, the whole story alternates between Rose’s time in this facility for anorexic girls where they teach them to get used to food, and her childhood with her twin sister. I think this is a very relevant book. It acknowledges all forms of body shaming, some of which we might not have even realised. I will be posting a review soon.





The second book I finished is The Media Queen by Michelle Prak. This is the second book in the HollyAnna series. Full confession, I didn’t read the first book, Goodbye Newsroom. I think the plot and characters of this story are not too influenced by the first book. At the same time, I would have appreciated this more if I read the previous book. I didn’t exactly love this one, but it was fun and interesting none the less.





3) What will you read next?





The next book that I am planning to read is Herai by Aaron D Key. This is a science fiction fantasy book with alternate realities. An all powering being watches the life of young Herai unfold in both worlds. I don’t know too much about the book. I just want to enjoy the story unfolding without knowing much beforehand.




So that’s my update for the week. Let me know if you have read any of these books. Or, if you want to read any of these books. 



Happy Reading Everyone!!!


















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