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In today’s TheWriteReads blog tour spotlight, we have “Merchants of Light and Bone” by Erika McCorkle. This is the second book in the epic fantasy series, The Pentagonal Dominion.











Synopsis :








Sorrow in paradise

A parent’s worst nightmare

When grief drives one to revenge


Living in a tropical paradise with his spouses and kids, Amiere is a merchant of light, a sculptor who carves glowing crystals into spectacular and powerful, demon-killing works of art. When the ground opens up near his idyllic village to reveal a massive supply of crystals, the whole nation of Aloutia celebrates. The merchants are guaranteed money for decades and officials predict Aloutia will be safe from demonkind for generations. But Amiere isn’t rejoicing—when the ground split apart, his seven-year-old daughter fell to her death.


Amiere’s grief turns to rage when an old enemy returns to the village with a young daughter displaying signs of starvation and abuse. Having witnessed his own daughter’s death, Amiere cannot bear the thought of watching another child die, especially when he can prevent it. Unable to ask police for help due to the village’s reputation of hostility toward authority figures, Amiere takes matters into his own hands, even at the risk of being exiled and separated from his family forever.























Now that sounds like a compelling fantasy read with a solid plot. If only I wasn’t crunched up for time at the moment, I would have gone for a review of the book and found myself a proud owner of a free e-copy of the book. However, a lack of time does not stop me from adding this massive 800+ page book to my TBR. And that means business. If this one sounds like your cup of tea, you can pick your copy  from Amazon as the book is already out on August 8th, 2023.








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